What’s it like to be the parent of a child at BASIS Independent? 

Parent Perspectives, a content blog series from our sister school in Brooklyn, answers precisely this question. We asked a few parents to share their thoughts on our program: What’s most surprising? What was the thought process in selecting BASIS Independent Brooklyn for their child?

Here is Viv's perspective, Mom to a 6th grade student.

Viv_3.18How did you learn about BASIS Independent? Tell us a little about your journey to becoming a BASIS Independent Family.

When first considering middle school for our kid, we had concerns about the local public options. Our biggest concern was that our child wouldn't be engaged. Class sizes are huge and the process of gaining entrance is insanely stressful and Darwinist, to say the least. With the system as it is in our district, kids have to apply and be interviewed just to get into public middle school -- sometimes thousands competing for a handful of seats at the age of ten! It's insane. We wanted to give our kid the best possible education, and felt he'd be happier in a school where he was more than a number to the people around him.

A friend told us about BASIS Indpendent coming to Brooklyn when she was considering the school for her son. One day shortly thereafter, I noticed BASIS Independent had set up a booth directly below our apartment during a street fair. It seemed like a sign! 

What ultimately made you decide to send your student to BASIS Independent?

It just felt like a great fit for our kid. Without even a building in place as of yet, the BASIS Independent philosophy impressed us and was evident upon meeting the staff. The commitment to challenging children academically while engaging them, and providing them with the support they need to succeed won us over.

What has been the biggest change for your child upon transitioning to BASIS Independent? What about for your family?

Adjusting to the middle school homework load is never easy but we're happily surprised at how inspired our kid is, and how he's taking it in stride.

What’s it like to be a BASIS Independent parent?

We feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of this community. Our son spends his day with engaged, passionate educators and administrators, and we're proud that he's proud of the work he's doing. He doesn't mind doing his homework and for a 6th grader, that's really something!

Is there something you like most about BASIS Independent?

A lot of people have asked and it's not just one thing. The staff, the teachers, small class sizes, fun and challenging curriculum -- all of it! 

There are many things that are different about BASIS Independent as a program. If you had to boil it down to one key difference – what would it be?

The balance it strikes between challenging children and supporting them. 

Do you have a favorite BASIS Independent story?

How we came upon BASIS Independent at the street fair has to be it. Feels like we were fated to be a Founding Family!

Learn more about what it's like to be a BASIS Independent parent by joining us at an upcoming Information Session

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