We had our first Teacher Demonstration event last week at our Admissions office in Tysons. It was a great succes - we had four prospective teachers for our Early Learning Program teach our applicants in PreK through 1st grade as part of the teacher hiring process.

How we hire educators at BASIS Independent Schools is a big part of what makes us unique. Our Subject Expert Teachers are classroom warriors and we ask them to prove it before we invite them to become part of our team. It is a condition of employment that our teachers demonstrate a natural connection with students and a strong ability to learn and adjust quickly to new and demanding situations.

Upon selection as top candidates, BASIS Independent McLean staff assembles classes of our students, both enrolled and exploring our program, and invites candidates to teach a lesson, challenge and inspire students, and show their subject expertise, as well as show their ability to communicate high-level subject matter to young students. Our students take these sessions seriously as they know that their feedback weighs heavily in our hiring decisions.

On Saturday, candidates for Subject Expert Teaching positions taught 30-minute lessons to two groups of students. Subjects ranged from Mandarin vocabulary to STEM content. While the students learned, parents connected with one another while enjoying coffee and pastries in a lounge area. Prospective teachers made themselves available to chat with parents at the conclusion of their demonstration lessons.

The four subjects taught on Saturday were Mandarin, math, science, and movement. Students learned the Mandarin words for dog, cat, duck, and turkey. The teacher led a review game at the end to reinforce the lesson. The math teacher used puppets to teach students counting techniques and incorporated color recognition into the lesson. Through play-based learning, the children discovered the five senses and formed hypotheses about what they would discover. At the end of the day, students learned hand-eye coordination techniques and a new song with movement.

Our next Teacher Demonstration event will be in mid-December for upper school teachers. Contact our Admissions Office if your middle and high school-aged students are interested in attending. Teacher Demonstrations are currently open to students who have submitted an online application.