We are thrilled that our students thrive in learning various languages. Every April, our students participate in the national French, Latin, and Spanish exams, which are taken by students across the country. All of the students below will be recognized when foreign language awards are given out during awards assemblies on the last day of school.

Le Grand Concours – National French Contest

Le Grand Concours is a national contest sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French. This year marks the 83rd year for this competition, and the second year for BASIS Independent McLean. In 2018, approximately 80,000 students in public and private schools took the exam, in addition to students who are home-schooled and in American schools abroad. Out of BASIS Independent McLean’s 26 participants, almost half were national winners. Félicitations to everyone; we are so proud of our students!

Gold Medal: Louis H. ’21, Pallavi M. ’22, Nathan S. ’20, Kamil U. ’20, Jaden Y. ’23, Jose G.’22 (Hors-Concours)  

Silver Medal: Sophia L. ’23, Sarika S. ’21, Cynthia T. ’23, Tina Z. ’21         

Bronze Medal: Cameron R. ’22, Tiffany S. ’21

Honorable Mention:  Searra B. ’23, Owen B. ’22, Atharva D. ’20, Yasmine J. ’21, Katerina K. ’20, Stefanie S. ’23, Lillian S. ’23, Elizabeth Y. ’23        

National Latin Exam

The National Latin Exam is an annual scholastic competition in which Latin students from all over the world compete by taking a grade-appropriate test. The test not only covers the basic grammar, syntax, and vocabulary students have been learning, but also gives them an opportunity to demonstrate what they’ve learned about Roman history, mythology, and geography. This year the competition was among over 143,000 students from all 50 states and 24 foreign countries. As a whole, BASIS Independent McLean students from all levels, fifth- through eleventh-grades, did very well.

Gold Medal: Sam K. ’22, Ethan Z. ’23, Wesley W. ’22, Evan B. ’22

Silver Medal: Ty S. ’23, Chetan B. ’24, Anna Y. ’21

Magna Cum Laude: Samuel A. ’24, Eric F. ’24, Andrew S. ’22, Madison B. ’22, Lisa K. ’23, Alan H. ’23, Robert W. ’23, Vivian W. ’24, Anant K. ’24, Darius R. ’24, Ane S. ’21, Justin W. ’21, Victoria B. ’21, Sean P. ’21, Kiran J. ’20, Caroline S. ’21, Max D. ’20

Cum Laude: Brian Z. ’24, Eleanor K. ’22, Evelyn F. ’23, Spencer F. ’23, Liya H. ’24, George A. ’24, Rand P. ’24, Mimi Y. ’21, Jordan C. ’21, Eric M. ’21

Intro Ribbon & Certificate: Warren H. ’25

Intro Ribbon: Salma B. ’25, Daniel R. ’25, Kaavya B. ’25, Phoenix D. ’25, Alexander D. ’25, Cameron C. ’25, Rhea B. ’25, Severin H. ’25, Arav M. ’25, Anika K. ’25, Vincenzo T. ’25

National Spanish Exam
The National Spanish Exam is nation-wide contest sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. It is a prestigious exam and the largest of its kind in the United States, with over 150,000 students participating in 2018. We are very proud of our students and want to share with you the amazing results.

Level 1

Gold Medal plus Special Award for High Score in Northern Virginia: Anika R. ’23, Roberto W. ’23
Gold Medal: Robert D. ’23, Brian L. ’23, Maria L. ’23, Raleigh W. ’23, Benjamin W. ’23, Pravalika P. ’22, Sophie P. ’22

Silver Medal: Holyn M. ’23, Grayson N. ’22

Bronze Medal: Mason H. ’23, Makenzie R. ’23, Armaan C.  ’22

Honorable Mention: Ida G. ’23, Julian G. ’23, Anjali J. ’23, Arya K. ’23, Eesha M. ’23, Raman M. ’23, Annica D. ’22, Ilse D. ’22, Rohan H. ’22, Mohan L. ’22, Rushil P. ’22

Level 2

Gold Medal: Junliang L. ’21

Silver Medal: Annie W. ’21, Adelia Z. ’21

Bronze Medal: Jiaming Z. ’21

Honorary Mention: Christopher K. ’21, Charlotte X. ’21

Level 3

Gold Medal: Ethan H. ’20

Silver Medal:  Monali G. ’20

Bronze Medal: Thomas E. ’20

Honorary Mention: Tad B. ’20, Sofia J. ’20, Radhika K. ’20, Audrey K. ’20, Sanjana M. ’20, Aanika S. ’20, Avinash S. ’20, Ethan T. ’20

Level 4

Silver Medal: Pendaar P. ’20, Miller H. ’20

Congratulations to all our Red-Tailed Hawks!