This summer we are featuring several articles from the June 2020 Hawk Talk, our student newspaper. This week, we share rising senior’s Mimi Y.’s reflections ostaying at home, getting organized, and using the time to develop new skills. 

I still remember the day I left school happily for Spring Break. Although there was distress regarding the quick spread of the coronavirus, I was still beyond excited to finally take a break after trimester two ended. At the time, I did not know this would be our last day at school nor was I prepared for our “break” to last through the end of the school year. If I had known, would I have been more prepared? 

After hearing the news of the state-wide lockdown and the school closing for the rest of the school year, I instantly dreaded staying at home for who knows how long. I couldn’t completely process the idea that I wouldn’t see my friends each day at school. So many changes were happening at once due to the pandemic that it was difficult to plan ahead and establish a daily routine, like the one I had on a regular school day.  

Without a set schedule, the first part of my quarantine was very disorganized. I was unable to settle down with constant news coming from all aspects of my life: the three-hour Advanced Placement (AP) exams becoming 45 minutes long, the effects of the pandemic on my family and friends. Everything seemed to be mixed up and my thoughts were scattered with distress and the feeling of uncertainty for the future. When would all of this end? But even with these anxieties, I knew that I had to move on with life and start to be more productive with my life at home. I eventually adjusted my behavior and established a routine that made online school more bearable. It was hard to be more efficient because there was no set schedule like we had in school until I really forced myself to focus, because the APs were near.  

However, staying at home gave me many opportunities to not only allocate more time to my hobbies, but also experience new things. For example, I started binging more shows, such as Criminal Minds, and watching movies like Roma (highly recommended) with my family. I also became a professional baker during lock down after receiving approval from my highly acclaimed parents for my five ingredient cookie (surprisingly very good). Having more leisure at home was also an opportunity for me to invest in my hobby: digital art. I was able to try out many different programs for digital art, such as photoshop, and practice many different techniques.  

Even in these dreadful times, it is important to focus on the positive. Being quarantined also means being with family, trying out new activities, and strengthening your interest in hobbies. Although this situation is unpredictable and different from previous situations, if you put an effort to stay safe and continue to look after your health and that of your loved ones while spending time on something you are interested in, this will all pass very soon. Stay safe everyone, we are in this together! 


Thank you, Mimi! Check back later this summer for more articles from our student newspaper.