Ask any BIM student why they love our school, and they will tell you – the faculty. As we start a new school year, I want to help you get to know our faculty better. The best way to do that – see them in action by touring campus! However, let’s start with a series of blogs where I visit their classrooms and ask students what makes them special.

On tours, I often visit classrooms for 5-10 minutes at a time – showing potential families how our dynamic faculty make their class time engaging and fun. During these small snapshots, I often walk away with quick stories to share during future tours or informational events. However, I recently decided to spend nearly a full day with Dr. Grove, Subject Expert Teacher – Physics and higher-level Math. 

As expected, it was a day filled with learning and fun! I spent my day learning about friction in AP Physics C, the product vs quotient rule in AP Calculus BC, and the workings of Formula One engines in the Physics of Engineering. More than that, I saw the way he engages with students. The way he shares his knowledge and makes advanced concepts accessible to BIM students. The way he encourages them. The way he makes a difference – not just in mastering physics or calculus but by inspiring his students to explore and question.

After class, I asked our Red-Tailed Hawks what makes Dr. Grove and his classes special to them, and three key themes emerged:

  • Communication and Engagement – Dr. Grove focuses on making sure that students truly understand the material and feel prepared for the advanced coursework being presented. As summarized by Fiona X. ’24, “Dr. Grove makes Calculus an engaging and enjoyable class! He is very transparent about our AP course and its content; he puts in all his effort into helping us retain the information we learn in class, making us (the students) feel more reassured.”
  • Empathy and the Ability to Truly Listen – Dean B. ’22 and Kaan Y. ’22 wanted me to understand that it is not just the classroom that makes Dr. Grove special; it is the way he cares about students and alumni. Dean B. ’22 explained, “During COVID, a lot of students were struggling as they dealt with the pandemic. Dr. Grove created a video game club and art club for current students (and even a few of our alumni) to have a place to gather (virtually), talk, listen, and support each other.”
  • Collaboration and Joy of Learning – Dr. Grove focuses on making learning hands-on, interactive, and fun – not just taking notes. He collaborates with students to provide extra challenges or support when needed. As Daria L. ’23 shared, “Dr. Grove's math classes are challenging and fun. Doing problems at the board is a good way to learn and see how everyone else solved the problem if you are stuck.”


As I reflect on how our Red-Tailed Hawks described Dr. Grove, he is truly a mentor. He challenges our students as they learn and grow both academically and personally. Imagine a place where your child can find true mentors in these formative high school years. Teachers who challenge and excite them. Teachers who provide guidance both inside and outside the classroom. Teachers who inspire them to achieve more and prepare them for the next step in their educational journey.

Thank you, Dr. Grove, for all that you do to help our Red-Tailed Hawks as they learn, grow, and prepare for life after BIM!