The second annual BASIS Independent McLean Door Decorating Contest created holiday spirit and excitement for the coming Winter Break. Early in December, students created their own teams and claimed a teacher’s door. Together students brainstormed and brought to live a variety of winter and holiday themed doors. Some were themed to the teacher in the classroom, some to holiday classics, some traditional, and some to the subject taught in the room!

In each division, the doors were judged by various staff members, and the creators of the winning doors won doughnuts. Congratulations to all our students on their fantastic and creative ideas and executions. The following classes and doors were named the winners:

In Early Learning: 1st Place Tie:

Zafari and Ms. Smith’s Proton PreK-2 class

Kimbrough and Ms. Moomaw’s Nitrogen Kindergarten class

Early Learning WinnersIn Primary:

1st Place: Ms. Mauri’s art students

2nd Place - Mr. Lentz’s grade 4 Zirconium students



In Middle School:

1st Place: Mr. Williams’ grade 6 students


2nd Place Tie: Mr. Calhoun and Ms. McCormick’s students

 CalhounmccormickIn High School: 1st Place Tie

Mme Seye’s French students

Rowland’s art students 

Art High School WinnerSeye High School Winner

It was a tough competition and we’re proud all the doors:

Door 7Door 18Door 6


Door 16Door 11Door 14

Door 10Door 8Door 15

Door 2Door 9Door 13

Door 4Door 17Door 5


Door 23Door 21Door 22

Door 19Door 12Door 24