Introducing a series that answers the frequently asked questions we hear from prospective families. This first question that is commonly asked is on how fall 2017 incoming students can succeed in our program when they will not have had the subject matter that BASIS Independent students will have had after the completion of the 2016-17 school year. 

Entering a new school is an exciting opportunity and we know from listening to prospective families at our Information Sessions that parents want the confidence that their child will be set up for success upon entering our advanced program.

The Teacher-Student DynamicBINS McLean Teacher.jpg
Every year we have many new students enter BASIS Independent schools and they have transitioned 
well because of our model. Our administration and teachers work exceptionally hard to ensure all students can succeed. For the first couple weeks of school, teachers will review content from the previous year. Our teachers are continually checking for understanding in the classroom. Teachers will ask questions daily to ensure students are mastering the baseline material before they move to more challenging topics. The teacher-student dynamic is one the most defining aspects of our program. All students have access to weekly teacher-student hours. In teacher-student hours students are encouraged to drop in for help with challenging concepts, to review content, receive help with homework, and discuss a theory or next big idea. 

The level of support inside the classroom is significant as well as outside. Next fall, incoming students can take advantage of the Peer Tutoring Center and receive help from their peers. 

BINS McLean Classroom (2).jpgOur Deans in the Heart of our Campus
Our Dean’s office is in the center of our campus and promotes a culture of support and engagement. There is a Dean for primary, middle, and high school. Deans meet with students to help with organization, study habits and much more, and will guide new students in their transition. Students are required to use our Communication Journal to plan their school day and week ahead, and take an active role in their success in the program. 

BOSS Program and Summer Camp
Next fall we will have many new, excited students join us. Before the start of the school year we will offer an orientation program called BASIS Organization Skills for Success (BOSS). In BOSS, students learn time management, organization, study skills and how to use our Communication Journal. They will also have the opportunity to meet fellow classmates and teachers to build lasting friendships and partnerships. This summer we will offer a summer camp and opportunity for students to dive into a variety of subjects. Our summer camp offering and registration will post by January 2017.

BASIS Independent McLean is a preschool-grade 12 private school in McLean, VA. To learn more about our teachers and the classroom experience, join us at an upcoming informational event or Open House on Saturday, December 10 at 10 a.m.