Claire P. is part of BASIS Independent McLean's founding 2nd grade class. Claire enjoys ballet and playing with her older brothers and sister in her free time. Claire joined BASIS Independent McLean from a local public school and remarks that this school is a little harder, and she likes it because it has a lot of different classes every day.


Claire enjoys moving around to different rooms and having different teachers. She says "no matter where we move, Mrs. Peck, my Learning Expert Teacher, stays with me all day. She’s really nice. She likes to do fun projects. Right now we’re making a giant boat out of cardboard. We’re going to put it on display in the hallway in primary so everyone can see it. It’s part of our Visual Arts and Connections class." Connections is a class that meets once a week and brings all of the disciplines together.
Mrs. Peck, Claire’s Learning Expert Teacher describes Claire as a very bright, engaging student. Ms. Peck remarks that “Claire is shy initially, but easily assumes leadership duties such as team leader in Connections or line leader. She is respected by her peers and has many friends among all grades.”

Day in the Life 
By Claire P., 2nd Grad

My mom drops us all off at 7:40 AM. If it’s not past 8 o’clock, you go in the gym and play fun activities. At 8 AM we go to our cubbies, unpack our things including our Communications Journal and pencil case and go to our first class.

On Monday we have Music first. I am doing a solo recital of Clair de Lune on my recorder in front of the whole class. Mr. Junsay is really, really interested in music and he is so good at teaching.

After music we get our first recess where we play games.

Next, we have Humanities, my favorite subject! Humanities is English and history. Right now we’re doing subject and predicate, nouns and verbs. We’re writing paragraphs about an event that happened in our life. Mine was about going to Mexico. I like Humanities because we get to write paragraphs. Ms. Maffei really likes to read chapter books to us. She just started “The Courage of Sarah Noble.”

Then we have lunch in the Great Hall. I usually sit with Tahia. We like to talk about what we write in Humanities and just hang out.

When we’re done with lunch we have another recess in front of the school. We usually play tag or basketball.

After lunch we have math and science. We’re learning about symmetry and division and multiplication. We have different games. Like right now we cut out shapes and fold them. We do a lot of stuff with our hands. We play the Stamp Game or do peg board division. It’s fun. Mr. Joseph is our math and science teacher. He’s really nice and let's us do math on the white board. We also do really fun science experiments. We made a balloon blow up on its own with yeast and water in a water bottle.

Next is READ. READ is where we read books based on our level. Sometimes we read our books for Humanities. We learn about dictionaries too. We have a librarian as a class job. She looks up words when we don’t know what they mean.

Then we have recess again. After our third recess we have Mandarin. We have Mandarin every day. Ms. Tozzi is our teacher. She is really nice. Right now we’re learning fruits and colors. Putao is grapes in Mandarin. We play a color game with bean bags that’s really fun. Sometimes we sing. We sang “Gong Xi Gong Xi” on stage for the Chinese New Year’s celebration.


Then it’s P.E. with Mr. Coquelin. We have P.E. every day. We play capture the flag. Sometimes we play soccer. I like P.E. because we get to run around with our friends and have fun.

We do Engineering once a week on Tuesdays. Ms. Dedman is our teacher. She lets us do fun projects. We’re learning about the simple machines. We made sling shots and boats out of paper. We put the boats in water. Mine held five pieces of play dough!

Connections is where we do our biggest projects like making the giant Clipper Ship. A Clipper Ship has no cannons on the sides. They also have three masts. Mrs. Peck teaches Connections every Wednesday. She likes big projects and believes in us that we can do them. It’s nice that she’s with us all day long.

Visual Arts is art with Ms. Mauri where we also get to do big projects. We’re painting the Clipper Ship and making big waves on it. We’re also studying the elements of art like lines, shapes, color, and texture.

Performing Arts is theater. We had a play called “Mouse Deer” where everybody had parts. Mouse Deer has the body of a mouse and the legs of a deer. There are bad guys in it. They want to eat Mouse Deer but she tricks them. I was Narrator Two. My friend Lola was Mouse Deer. Tahia, Gayatri, Teagan, and Keaton were the bad guys.

After school I do my homework, maybe 30 minutes. It’s usually math and spelling for the spelling test on Fridays. I like doing my homework. It’s fun. I do it at the kitchen table with my sister and then we play.

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