In today's blog, grade 6 student Catie D. shares her excitement about Quiz Bowl. Thanks for your insight on this popular club, Catie!

I have some BIG NEWS! During a Quiz Bowl tournament in Ellicott City, Maryland, the BASIS Independent McLean A team qualified for the National Tournament in May 2020! In Quiz Bowl, each team plays 10 games, five in the morning and five in the afternoon. For the five games in the morning, the teams are paired in advance. In the afternoon, teams are matched based on their morning performance. Each game is about 30 minutes long, and has 20 tossup questions. The team that correctly answers a tossup question receives three bonus questions. If there is more than one team for a school, the teams are assigned letters, A being the most experienced. There were two teams from BASIS Independent McLean, and I was on BIM B.

BIM A had a stellar performance. BIM B had a good showing against tough competition. This was my second tournament, and I am coming to understand the pros and cons of the experience. A definite pro is the fun of competing as a team. Another advantage is learning a lot of new things. One con is that it can be hard to stay focused, especially for new players who are learning the rules of the game. At the end of the long day, I am exhausted, but overall, it is a great experience to have!

I would love to join the team for more competitions in the future. In the meantime, I look forward to learning more about how the competitions are run and how to best study. In my opinion, completing and reviewing practice quizzes are great ways to prepare for tournaments. After just one practice, my mind was swimming with facts. I love learning facts about all different subjects, including current events in politics, sports, science and the arts. There are test-taking strategies that can help, too. Those take time and effort to learn. I wanted to join Quiz Bowl because I wanted to have fun competing with friends and learning so much more than I already know! I’m glad I joined!