Congratulations to the middle school team on their BIG WIN!

Team BASIS Independent McLean placed first in the 34th annual Northern Virginia Regional Mathcounts competition at George Mason University on Saturday. The team surpassed 16 other talented Northern Virginia teams and unseated the long-standing champion that has held the regional title for many years.

The victory was a team effort led by Teaching Fellow Ms. Rikki McCullough and with the support and collaboration of middle school math teacher Mr. Vern WIlliams, and Tyler Sullivan. The BASIS Independent McLean all-stars included the following students: Pravi P., Grayson N., Austin F., Peter L., Ethan F., Joshua F., Alan H., Sam K., Jiaming Z., and Ethan Z.

BINS Mouthcounts Win.jpg

Beaming with team pride, Ms. McCollugh said the team was "a group of strong and passionate students who love to problem solve, went above and beyond during preparation, and uniquely view the world through a mathematical lens."

"The competition was high pressure and high stakes and could have gone either way but it was the Team Round and our teammates that pulled us through," teammate Pravi P. summarized. 

The National Society of Professional Engineers, National Council of Teachers and Mathematics and CN Foundation created Mathcounts in 1983. These groups founded this national middle school enrichment program to promote the importance and value of math in school and beyond. The program was brought to life through competitions and club activities. 

"The whole experience was exciting and fun," said teammate Ethan Z., energized by the win.

The team heads to state championships on March 18th and 24th in Richmond. We wish the team continued success!

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