We're excited to unveil "Admissions FAQ," a new content series designed to answer frequently asked questions about applying to BASIS Independent McLean. If you would like to submit a question, please email us at McLean-Admissions@BASISIndependent.com.

For our first part in the series, we cover everything you've ever wanted to know about Family Meetings. 

What is a Family Meeting?
The Family Meeting is a requirement in our admissions process, when prospective students and their families meet with our Head of School or Admissions Team.

Why is the Family Meeting important?
It is a crucial point in building a relationship between your family and the BASIS Independent McLean family.

Who should attend the Family Meeting?
At a minimum, a parent or guardian and the student must attend. Of course, the whole family is welcome to join.

When can I attend the Family Meeting?
Students who have submitted an application for grades 6-10 are strongly encouraged to schedule a meeting on Mondays or Fridays. Students who have submitted an application for PreK-5th grade can schedule on Monday.

How do I sign up for a Family Meeting?
After you submit the online application, you will have the option to schedule online. Alternatively, you can call our Admissions Office at (703) 854-1253 to schedule.

Where does the Family Meeting take place?
Family Meetings take place at our Admissions Office in the Family Room (pictured below).

With whom will we meet?
The Head of School or a member of the Admissions Team.

How long does a Family Meeting last?
We value the time we spend with each family, so please plan to spend up to one hour meeting with the Head of School or Admissions Team.

How should we prepare for the Family Meeting?
No preparation is necessary. This is simply a conversation for us to get to know you and your student.



We welcome your submissions for our Admissions FAQ series. If you would like to submit a question, please email us at McLean-Admissions@BASISIndependent.com.