Though many things about fall 2022 were unfamiliar, our students continued to shine through clubs and contests that were held in person and virtually. Here, we highlight our students’ accomplishments from the first part of the 2022-2023 school year. Congratulations, Red-Tailed Hawks!


Nation's Top Teens in STEM
Chelsea H. ’24, a Buteo Scholar, was named one of “16 Under 16 in STEM” by The74, a news site covering education, and became one of the nation’s top teens in STEM. 
Click the link to read the news.

STEM Day by Hexagon US Federal 
Alina A. '26, Grace A. '26, and TJ Z. '25 participated in a STEM Day event hosted by Hexagon US Federal in November and competed in a contest to share how they think Hexagon US Federal technology can address the challenges of the future.


National Merit Scholarship
Seven Seniors- Robert D. '23, Spencer A. F. '23, Cavan B. G O '23, Arthur H. '23, Aneesh V. '23, Robert W. '23, and Raleigh C. W '23 were named Finalists in the 2023 Competition for National Merit Scholarship awards.  


President's Volunteer Service Award
A letter from the White House. Fiona X. '24 received a gold medal and certificate from the President's Volunteer Service Award Program. The gold medal for young adults (16-21) is the highest award for the program and is eligible only for volunteers with more than 250 hours of service within the last 12 months. 


Mathcounts Team
Twelve selected mathletes from the mathcounts team attended the NOVA chapter competition.  Our school won 2nd place in this super competitive chapter.  

The top 25% of students from the selected mathletes of the chapter are recognized.
Congratulations to:
Rebecca C. '27, 4th place
Ian W. '27, 5th place
Chloe G. '27, 18th place
Sophia W. '27, 23rd place
Anna W. '27, 24th place
Tang T. '27, 26th place
Delia A. '28, 32nd place

American Mathematics Competition (AMC) 10/12 
We have several students that have qualified for the American Invitational Mathematics Exam, (AIME)  after receiving exceptionally high grades on the American Mathematics Competition (AMC) 10/12. These students are listed below. Anna W. '27 also scored in the top 1% nationwide during the AMC on10/12. We hosted the AIME at BASIS this month.

Students who received a Certificate of Achievement for being an 8th grader scoring above a 90 and Acceptance to the AIME:
-    Chloe G. '27
-    Anna W. '27 (Also received Honor Roll for scoring in the top 1% Nationwide)
-    Ian W. '27
Acceptance of the AIME:
-    Adithya P. '26
-    Enxiang "Gabe" Z. '26
-    Chelsea H. '24

Congratulations to Owen H. '30 and Jude B. '31 participated in the qualifying round of Mathleague, and both have made it to the next level. They will be participating in the State Rounds in May. 

Quiz Bowl

Middle School Invitational Quiz Bowl Tournament
Our MS Quiz Bowl Teams participated in the Burleigh Manor Middle School Invitational Quiz Bowl Tournament on 11/5/2022. Our school has one team that qualified for the 2023 Middle School National Championship Tournament (MSNCT). Justin Y. '27 was ranked No. 1 and Mohan P. '27 was ranked No. 3 among MS players in the preliminary rounds of the tournament.

BIM HS Quiz Bowl Team
On December 3rd, the BIM High School Quiz Bowl team triumphed at the VCU Winter Quiz Bowl Tournament. The team of Caden Z. '25, Cavan G. '23, and Phoenix D. '25 won the tournament. This is the first time a BIM Quiz Bowl team has won a state-wide, varsity level tournament. Three of our players were recognized as individual All-Stars. In the novice division, James F. '26 came in 3rd, and in the upper division, Henry P. '25 came in 7th, and Cavan G. '23 finished in 1st place and was the 3rd highest scoring player in VCU's 15 years hosting state-wide tournaments. Our teams' results have qualified them for 3 national Quiz Bowl tournaments to be held in the spring. The members of each team were:
-Caden Z. '25, Cavan G. '23, Phoenix D. '25
-Henry P. '25, Raleigh W '23, Ram T. '23
-Aarya V. '26, Brandon D. '26, James F. '26, Jiashu Z. '25.

Longfellow Academic Tournament To Endallwars (LATTE)
Our Middle School Quiz Bowl team won 3rd place at the 2023 Longfellow Academic Tournament To Endallwars (LATTE) on Saturday, February 11, 2023. The team had the following students: Delia A. '28, Colin S. '28, Mohan P. '27, Richik P. '27, Kameron L. '27, and Brayden B. '27. 

Science Olympiad

Fairfax Invitational Tournament
Our entire High School Science Olympiad Team proudly represented BIM in the recent (01/07) Fairfax Invitational Tournament which included high schools from MD/DC and all of VA.  It was particularly exciting to go against BASIS DC. This is the inaugural year of BIM having a competitive, full high school team. The top 5 placements were recognized and medaled:

1st place in Scrambler (engineering): Team Caden Z. & Phoenix D. '25
1st place in Detector Building (engineering): Team Caden Z. & Phoenix D. '25
4th place in Anatomy Physiology Team: Veer B. & Orien L. '25
5th place in Chem Lab Team: Fiona X. '24 & Hera L. '26

2023 Science Olympiad at Virginia Tech Invitational (Division B)
Our school's Science Olympiad Division B team ranked number 5 among many strong teams across the country.
We'd like to congratulate the following teams who got recognized in the award ceremony.

In 1st place:
Disease Detective: Grace Y. '27 and Justin Y. '27
Fast Facts: Rebecca C. '27 and Sophia W. '27

In 2nd place:
Anatomy and Physiology: Rebecca C. '27 and Grace Y. '27
Forestry: Sophia W. '27 and Grace Y. '27
Road Scholar: Rebecca C. '27 and Ian W. '27

In 3rd place:
Crave the Wave: Ian W. '27 and Ellie Z. '28
Green Generation: Lillian S. '27 and Grace Y. '27

In 4th place:
Solar System: Sophia W. '27 and Justin Y. '27

In 5th place:
Meteorology: Zain M. '28 and Sophia W. '27



Tahiyah H. '27 won 7th place in woman's foil Division 2 and 6th place in Junior women's foil, 5th place in cadet women's foil at the American Challenge; Tahiyah H. '27 was awarded the bronze medal at the Super Youth National Competition of the Rockies for youth 14 women’s foil;  3rd place at the National Super Youth Challenge in Cadet Women’s Foil; 3rd place for Junior Women’s Foil at the Nova Knights Regional Youth Competition; 1st  place in both Junior and Cadet Women’s foil at RYC River City Rumble. She also won 2nd place in the Y14 women’s foil! 

Sahar H. '31 won 2nd place in the youth 10 women's foil and 2nd place in the NoVA Knights youth 12, women’s foil, and regional youth competition. 

Fairfax Challenge Fall RYC/RJCC & Y8 (Non-Regional)
Andrew Y. '32 participated and won 1st place with the GOLD medal in Mixed Y8 Sabre in a fencing tournament (Fairfax Challenge Fall RYC/RJCC & Y8 (Non-Regional))!

Cobra Challenge SYC/RCC/Y8
Andrew Y. '32 and Aiden L. '33 won the silver medal and the bronze medal respectively for men's Y8 saber at the Cobra Challenge SYC/RCC/Y8.

Apex Regional Fencing Tournament 
Ifechi O. ‘31 won the gold medal at the Apex Regional Fencing Tournament for Youth 10 Women Epee in Apex, North Carolina. 

King of the Hill 
Aaryasinh V. ‘26 won 1st place 🥇 in King of the Hill, a Karate Tournament in the DMV area.

Shooting XIII CAT Championships Lima 2022
Suman S. ‘23 was in Lima, Peru competing at the Championship of the Americas (CAT Games) in women's 10-meter Air Pistol, which is an Olympic event. Suman won first place in both individual and group events and secured a quota position for Team USA for the 2024 Olympics. 

National Solo Dance Final (U.S. Figure Skating)
Evelyn Z. ‘28 won 1st place in the National Solo Dance Final! (Bronze Solo Pattern Dance) and a silver medal in the Juvenile Solo Combined Dance. 


Scholastic Art Awards 
Chelsea H. '24 received 3 Honorable Mentions, 1 silver key, and 4 Gold keys.

The titles of Chelsea's awarded works:

A Silkworm Pseudo-science Drawing & Illustration Mclean Honorable- Mention
Urban Flight Painting Honorable- Mention
Seafloor Mixed Media Honorable- Mention
Asian Express Grand Design-  Silver Key
Fracking And Fractures Drawing & Illustration- Gold Key
Metamorphosis Drawing & Illustration- Gold Key
Brainstorming Roots To Scientific Fruits Mixed Media- Gold Key
Jiaozi Drawing & Illustration-  Gold Key

The NVMTA Bach Baroque Competition and Festival
Fiona X. ‘24 participated in the Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association (NVMTA) annual Bach-Baroque festival at Columbia Baptist Church, Falls Church VA, and got selected for the second round audition for her piano performance.  

All second round performers, whether or not they are chosen to play in the Honors Recital, will be recognized at the Honors Recital. A select number of students from the second round will be chosen to perform in the Honors Recital on Saturday, February 25 at 2:00 pm at Columbia Baptist Church.

The NVMTA Bach Baroque Competition and Festival is an annual event that celebrates the music of Johann Sebastian Bach as well as many other Baroque composers. Only exceptional performers are selected to 2nd round out of dozens of seasoned performers.

Foreign Language

State Latin Convention
Grade 7 Latin students won the State Latin Convention.

Chinese National CLASS Essay Contest 
Back in September and October, our grades 8-12 Mandarin students wrote essays to participate in a national-level Chinese Essay Contest: the 19th National CLASS (Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools) Essay Contest, an opportunity brought to them by the high school Mandarin teacher, Ms. Li. Although everyone in the High School Mandarin program submitted an essay, our school could only submit 10 students’ essays. These 10 students were identified as the top 10 at the school level after a thorough evaluation. Students were tasked to craft an original, 2-page essay in Chinese in response to their respective prompts. They worked tirelessly on their essays to compete against other K-12 students around the USA in three categories: Regular, Immersion, or Heritage. Essays were evaluated by a committee of judges. The committee recognized our students’ essays were exceptionally strong!

This month, we were notified that several of our students have won awards! Awards include Gold, Silver, and Honorable Mention.
Gold Award:
Kingston Z. ‘27
Yilin Z. ‘27
Joel C. '26
Sophia J. ‘26
Angela J. ‘26
Michelle Y. ‘26
Silver Award:
Jessica D. ‘25
Fiona X. ‘24

2022 National Chinese EXPO of Student Works  
In December, our Grade 11 Mandarin students participated in the 2022 National Chinese EXPO of Student Works with their video submission of the shadow show: “Nian’s Story.” The 11th-grade students worked extremely hard on this project. They started this project last school year and worked on it this year for the 2023 Lunar New Year Celebration. Students created and drew their own puppets, and backgrounds, and even wrote an original script telling the story of Nian and Xi. It is an important story of why red is such an important color in Chinese culture. This past January, “Nian’s story” won an award for their entry in the 2022 National Chinese EXPO of student Works (NCESW).
Congratulations to:
Haasini A. ‘24
Devin P. ‘24
Justin L. ‘24
Logan S. ‘24
Fiona X. ‘24

Debate Club

Debate Regular-Season Tournament

The team of Rebecca C. '27 and Chloe G. '27 went undefeated and took first place in the novice divisions. The teams of freshman Sophia J. '26, Angela J. '26, Ben R. '26, and junior Paulina H. 24 went undefeated in the junior varsity division and took 3rd and 4th places.

The team of Xinyu Y.  '27 and Grace Y. '27 went undefeated and took 2nd place out of 66 entries in the Novice division, and the team of Ben R. '26 and Paulina H. '24 went 3-1 and took 6th place in the Varsity division in their second tournament of the season.

Our debate team participated in its final regular-season tournament of the year. The team of Juniors Shaun J. '24 and Chelsea H. '24  went 4-0 and earned first place in the varsity division.

Well done, Red-Tailed Hawks!