It is hard to believe that the 2021-2022 school year is done. This year, everyone came back to campus, from wearing masks to mask-free, and life went back to the normal that we hoped. On the academic hand, from science and math to drama and our own house system, our students of all ages accomplished a lot in the spring of 2022. Below we highlight their successes. Congratulations, Red-Tailed Hawks! 


BIM House System

High school students voted for the new Head of House and Assistant Head of House after each applicant had a speech. We are excited to announce the Head of House and Assistant Head of House for our four houses!. 

Air: Leon Z. '23, Head & Logan A. '24, Assistant Head
Earth: Thijs B. '24, Head & Paulina H. '24, Assistant Head
Fire: Shaun J. '23, Head & Ashley Z '24, Assistant Head
Water: Benjamin W. '23, Head & Cynthia T. '23, Assistant Head 



Science Awards 

Science Olympiad 
BIM Division B placed 3rd in the Virginia SO State Tournament and 2nd place in the Regional Tournament. It's also BIM's first year in the high school division of SCIENCE OLYMPIAD. Congratulations to Phoenix D. '25 and Caden Z. '25 for their placements in the engineering events at the regional tournament.  

Meteorology - 1st Place at State, 6th Place at National | Carson S. '25, Justin Y. '26
Disease Detectives - 2nd Place at Regional, 1st Place at State | Grace Y. '25, Justin Y. '26
Cave the Wave - 4th Place at Regional, 1st Place at State | Bradley D. '26, Ian W. '27
Green Generation- 5th Place in Regional, 1st Place at State, 19th Place in National | William D. '26, Carson S. '25
Solar System -  1st Place at Regional, 2nd Place at State, 9th Place at National | Sophia W. '25, Justin Y. '26
Anatomy and Physiology - 1st Place at Regional, 3rd Place at State | Chloe G. '25, Will D. '26
Road Scholar - 4th Place at Regional, 3rd Place at State, 5th Place at National | Rebecca C '25, Sophia W. '26
Crime Busters- 5th in Regional, 3rd Place in State, 9th Place in National | Catie D. '26, Hera L Y. '25
Food Science - 1st Place at Regional, 4th Place at State | Carson S. '25, Grace Y. ‘25
Experiment and Data Analysis - 2nd Place at Regional, 4th Place at State | Rebecca C '25, Sophia W. '26, Ian W. ‘26
Codebusters - 3rd Place at Regional, 4th Place at State, 6th Place at National | Rebecca C '25, Sophia W. '26, Grace Y. ‘25
Mousetrap Vehicle-  4th Place at Regional, 4th Place at State | Kameron L. '25, Mohan P. '26
Dynamic Planet- 2nd Place at Regional, 18th at National | Justin Y. '25, Alan M. 26
BioProcess Lab - 6th Place at State | Chloe G. '25, Will D. '26
Ornithology - 3rd Place at Regional | Brandon D '25, Alan M. '26
Gravity Vehicle - 4th Place at Regional | Caden Z. '25, Phoenix D. '26
Sounds of Music-  5th Place at Regional | Catie D. '27, Hera L Y. '27
Solar System (ICE Team)-  5th Place at Regional | Caden S. '25, Oliver W. '26
Trajectory - 6th Place at Regional | Caden Z. '25, Phoenix D '26
Rocks and Minerals- 6th Place in Regional | Alan M. '26, Brandon D. '26
Write It Do It - 13th Place at National | Kameron L. '25, Mohan P. '26
Botany - 14th Place at National | Will D. '25



National Science Bowl Regional Tournament (High School)
BIM High School SCIENCE BOWL Team placed 3rd in the regional tournament of the National Science Bowl, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy. The regional tournament encompassed all Virginia high schools. The team was composed of Phoenix D. '25, Caden Z. '25, Julia S. '24, and Robert D. '23.


National Science Bowl Regional Tournament (Middle School)
Our Team One won 3rd place and Team Two took 5th place. Ten middle school students (Geonwoo S. ’26, Justin Y. ’27, Kameron L. ’27, Lillian S. ’27, Mohan P. ’27, Natalie W. ’27, Rebecca C. ’27, Rishik P. ’27, Riya G. ’27, and Ronit G. ’27) participated in the Virginia Regional Middle School Science Bowl.


Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS)
Chelsea H. '24 won First Place at 2022 Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS) Greater Washington, D.C. (Virginia, D.C., and Maryland), and became a 2022 finalist for the National JSHS, which is a STEM forum designed to uplift and build communities through original STEM research. 


Math Awards

Math Kangaroo 2022
Congratulations to these students from BASIS Independent McLean who raked 20 or higher nationally at grade level 2 in the Math Kangaroo competition! 

Clara Z. '33, Payton G. '32, Leonard H. '32, Liam B. '32, Andre T. '32, Andrew Y. '32, and Celina S. '31.

math 2


BIM MATHCOUNTS Team placed 3rd out of 18 schools. 9 individuals qualified out of 138 competitors.
Rebecca C. '27, Chloe G. '27, Ian W. '27, and Anna W. '27 were the 3rd Place overall qualified team.
9 qualified individuals: Chloe G. '27 (who is the 3rd highest score and 4th place overall), Ian W. '27, Violet Y. '28, Rebecca C. '27, Anna W, '27, Nicholas Z. '26, Andrew H. '26,  Xinyu Y. '27 and Brandon D. '26.

Ian W. '27 won Ray Powell Memorial Award for his significant improvement. This award is only given to one mathlete in each of our 3 Chapters who showed the most improvement relative to their score in last year’s competition.
Rebecca C. '27 ranked 1st place, Ian W. '27 ranked 2nd place, and Chloe G. '27 ranked 3rd place on our BIM team.
We have three students in the top tier of the State Competition. Rebecca ranked in the top 5%, Ian ranked in the top 8%, and Chloe ranked in the top 12% in the State Competition. 


Andrew H. '26 earned an Honor Roll Certificate by making it into the top 5% nationally.
Nicholas Z. '26, Brandon D. '26, and Ian W. '27 ranked 2nd place.
Chloe G. '27 and Violet Y. '28 placed 3rd. Violet Y. '28 earned the Certificate of Achievement by receiving a high point score while in 6th grade.


Academic Awards

LATTE (Longfellow Academic Tournament To Endallwars)
Middle School students (Arjun R. ’27, Annika H. ’29, Edwin P. ’28, Justin Y. ’27, Lillian S. ’27, Mohan P. ’27, Natalie W. ’27, and Sumer C.  ’28) participated in the 2022 Longfellow Academic Tournament To Endallwars (LATTE) Quiz Bowl tournament, and our Team A won 2nd place.


Virginia Governor’s School
Congratulations to Paulina H. '24 admitted in Math, Science, and Technology, and Ram T. '23 admitted in Medicine and Health at the Virginia Governor's School.  

The Virginia Governor’s School is a state-run program that allows rising juniors and seniors to undertake college-level coursework during the summer. They live on a college campus for 4 weeks (University of Lynchburg for Math, Science, and Tech / VCU for Medicine) and the state pays half the cost (full cost for public school students). Admission to the programs is highly competitive. For the academic programs (humanities, math, sciences, engineering, medicine), our school is allowed to nominate two students.


Small School National Championship Quiz Bowl Tournament
BIM High School Quiz Bowl team of Cavan G. '23, Nathan H. '23, Rithik P.  '23, and Ram T. '23 placed 2nd out of 55 teams at the Small School National Championship Quiz Bowl Tournament (SSNCT). Cavan G. also earned recognition as an individual All-Star, placing 2nd in a field of 271 players.


Sports Awards

National Pistol Championship 2022
Suman S. '23 won two gold medals (Junior Women in 10 meter Air Pistol and 25 meter Sport Pistol in the Under 18 category) and one silver medal (Women Open in 10 meter Air Pistol) during 2022 National Pistol Championship.


Fairfax Challenge SYC/RJCC & Y8 (The signature Fencing tournament of Region 6, and in the US.)
Andrew Y. '32 won 7th place in the Fairfax Challenge SYC/RJCC regional Fencing tournament.
Sahar H. '31 won a silver medal in Youth 8 Women's Foil at the Fairfax Challenge.


North American Cup (Division I/Parafencing National Championships and April North American Cup
Ian P. '25 won the bronze in Cadet Men’s Epee (CDTME), also silver at Division 1 Team Men’s Epee (D1TME) at the April North American Cup.



National Merit Scholarship Program
Congratulations to Sonja B. '22, Spencer H. '22, and Sophie P. '22 were all winners in the 2022 Competition for National Merit Scholarship awards. 


Foreign Language Awards

Middle and high school students received honors based on their performance on a 2022 national language exam. Read about each student’s accomplishments in our blog here.

This is our first year bringing HSK Chinese Proficiency Test to our campus. Our students participated in their level’s test, and all of them passed it. Congratulations! 


Debate Club

WACFL Public Forum Debate Competition
The team of Junior Wes W. and Senior Rodrigo G. went undefeated and earned first place in the junior varsity division. 
The Junior Team went undefeated in the Varsity division, and the Sophomore Team went undefeated in the Junor Varsity division in WACFL Public Forum Debate Competition. 


Model UN Club

BASIS Independent McLean won Outstanding (Best) Middle School Delegation at the competition! 

Congratulations to the following students:
Sumer C. ‘28 -Verbal Commendation for Chris Vincent in the World Cocoa Foundation Committee  
Carson S. ‘26 -Verbal Commendation for Australia in United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Melis O. ‘24 - Honorable Mention for Minister of Justice: Tang Dynasty Ad-Hoc of Committee of the Secretary-General


NAIMUN LIX  (North American Invitational Model United Nations)
Melis O. '24: Melis won a verbal award in which she was recognized as the best speaker by her chair and committee. Melis worked in an ad hoc committee as chief tech Jeffery Straubel of Tesla.

Benjamin W. '23: Benjamin was recognized as the best-researched delegate by his chair and committee. Benjamin worked in the Gulabi Gang committee as Anita Karwal (Secretary of Education and Literacy of India)

Arthur H. '23: Arthur was recognized as the best researched by his chair delegate and committee. Arthur worked in the US Senate Committee as Joseph Blackburn.


International Thespian Society

On March 25, BIM's newly established troupe #10082 of the International Thespian Society inducted its first 12 members. Established in 1929, this honor requires students to maintain academic excellence and earn points toward membership based on hours worked on theater productions, including acting, technical, business, or directing work on at least school shows.

Congratulations to the students below:
Junior Thespians: (grades 6-8) Braeleigh C., Trista C., Sajni D., Adrith K., Gayatri S., Srinidhi P., Anabella T., and Rebeca M.
Thespians: (grade 9-11) Sophie P., Sonja B., Shalini S., Maria L. (Troupe President 2022-2023)


2022 National Elementary Championships (US Chess Tournament)

Charles W. ‘34 won 4th place among 95 players in the K-1 Under 500 group of the 2022 National Elementary Championships (US Chess Tournament). 

Charles W. ‘ 34 and Nolan S.  ‘34 won 6th place as a team representing BIM.



CJ Contest Winners 

After careful consideration of students' originality, theme (respect) appropriate, and voting results from all the teachers at BASIS, we have our winners:

Grade K-3:   Nila R. ‘32
Grade 4-12: Tara T. ‘30