What better way to learn about our school than from a current student! Mackenzie F. ’24 is a first-year BASIS Independent McLean student, who likes physics, the friends she’s made at school, and her teachers. She has enjoyed school so much that only two months in she applied and was accepted as an admissions student ambassador. She says it was the Student Visitor Program that cemented her decision to attend BASIS Independent McLean, and she can’t wait to share that same experience with other prospective students.

Blog MF.jpgMackenzie F., Grade 6

What do you love about BASIS Independent McLean?

I like that it’s more challenging than my previous school because it gives me something to work for. I like the community; everyone is friendly. I came to BOSS Camp and met one of my best friends.

What is your favorite class and why?

I like physics because it all makes sense. There’s one right or wrong answer, which makes it a lot easier. Plus, I like my teacher, Dr. Noble. He’s funny and I’ve never had a teacher that’s funny in the way that kids are funny. He understands us. He’s a good teacher too. I feel like I’m always learning in his class.

I also like my math teacher, Ms. Baljee. She’s awesome. She explains everything really well and she takes it step by step in class. Even if we’re going through something fast, you still really understand the concept well.

What do you think about the teachers here in general?

I like the fact that the teachers have studied their subject. At my old school, we had one teacher who did all the subjects, except special classes like music. Every single class I have here, the teacher is specialized. My drama teacher has a degree in theatre, and my physics teacher has a Ph.D. in physics.

MF Friends.jpgAre you in any clubs?

In the fall, I was in journalism club with Mr. Sharp. It was really fun! I liked writing the newspaper. This spring, I want to try the dance club with my friends.

Why did you want to be a student ambassador?

It sounded really fun and I like meeting new people, so I thought it would be cool.

What happens when a prospective student visits you as part of the Student Visitor Program?

She (or he) just comes along with me for the day. She goes to all my normal classes. She gets to meet my friends and teachers and see the work we do. The day I had a visitor, the teachers printed out additional worksheets for her so she could take them home and know what we are learning. She was a fifth grader this year, so she was able to see what next year would be like here.

You shadowed a student last year before you were a student here. Tell us about your experience.

It was good because I got to see what the school was like and I got to decide if I liked the experience of being here.

Did it help you make your decision to come here?

Yes. I felt like if I wasn’t a fan of the kids, or if it seemed really overwhelming for the student I was with, then I wouldn’t want to come. But the day ended up being really fun, so that helped me make the decision.

MF Working.jpgDo you know the student you shadowed last year?

She’s one of my really close friends now. Visiting as an applicant helped me to meet new people as well.

Did you have any impressions of BASIS Independent McLean before you started that you don’t think are true now that you’re a student here?

I thought it was going to be way, way, way harder than it really is. It’s still challenging, but I thought I wasn’t going to be able to handle it. In the end, it’s really not that bad.

Why would you encourage another student to come to BASIS Independent McLean?

The community is great. It’s a really fun school, and it’s different from other schools because I don’t know any other sixth graders who take three different sciences.

Is taking three sciences overwhelming?

Oh, no, it’s awesome. I’m a science person, so it’s fun for me.

As a student ambassador, Mackenzie and other students attend admissions events to talk to prospective families, and host students for a day through our Student Visitor Program. If you’ve already applied, you may register for our Student Visitor Program to shadow a student ambassador for a day. Learn more here.