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July 5, 2017

Science of Cooking: Students as Participants in Learning

Donovan M. is a 4th grader at BASIS Independent Brooklyn who also flexed his culinary muscles as a contestant on Season 5 of FOX's MasterChef Junior. His role on the show Donovan 4.jpggenerated a great deal of excitement among our students, and it inspired our Manhattan team to create an event for families with Donovan focusing on one of his favorite subjects - science. “Cooking is like chemistry, and that’s why I like science,” he recently told a reporter covering his appearance on MasterChef Junior

BASIS Independent invited Donovan and three of our amazing science teachers to the iconic New York City restaurant Le Cirque for a "Science of Cooking" event. Donovan spoke about his love of cooking, and our faculty demonstrated how science could come alive for students through hands on activities. 

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