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April 18, 2018

A Two-Teacher Classroom to Foster Student Learning and Exploration

In the BASIS Independent Manhattan classroom, subject matter is designed to inspire, taught by a Subject Expert Teacher (SET) who creates a learning experience students can connect to, engage with, and excel in. In this classroom, another teacher is present as well, a Learning Expert Teacher (LET), who hones in on each students’ strengths and areas for improvement, and who works to ensure they are achieving their full potential while having their needs met.

We call this dynamic learning environment the BASIS Symbiotic Classroom, home to the SET/LET relationship.

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April 20, 2017

What is the Vetting Process for Teaching Candidates?

We employ a rigorous teacher hiring process designed to offer multiple levels of review to give us the greatest insight into the qualifications of a candidate. In our hiring process, the collaboration between the Talent Acquisition team and the autonomy of the Head of School help to determine the best fit for each school community leading to the successful execution of our program and the happiness of our students. Below is the sequence of the hiring process: 

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