We employ a rigorous teacher hiring process designed to offer multiple levels of review to give us the greatest insight into the qualifications of a candidate. In our hiring process, the collaboration between the Talent Acquisition team and the autonomy of the Head of School help to determine the best fit for each school community leading to the successful execution of our program and the happiness of our students. Below is the sequence of the hiring process: 

Resume Review - The process begins with a resume review by our team of recruiters to assess minimum qualifications for the available position. As mentioned in prequel to this blog (How Do We Hire Our Teachers?), our recruiters are skilled in identifying top talent and recognizing experience that leads to highly qualified candidates. These qualifications can differ based on position, but for our teachers we like to see a Bachelor's degree, advanced degree, or highly qualified status in the subject or discipline the applicant wishes to teach.

Phone Screen - Should the applicant be chosen to move forward in the process, the recruiter would then set up a phone interview. This phone interview will dig deeper into how they function in the classroom, their motivation, and communication style.

Head of School Interview - Following the phone screen, applicants will be invited to another phone or in-person interview with the Head of School at a particular location. The Head of School will zero in on the skill set of the applicant, asking questions that are specifically tailored to the community and needs of their campus. If the Head of School feels the applicant is a potential fit for the role, they will be invited to participate in a Demo Lesson.

Demo Lesson - A hallmark of our hiring process, this is when we ask our applicants to showcase what they can do in the classroom. Applicants are asked to prepare a 20 minute demo lesson in their area of expertise to demonstrate at a Saturday hiring event. At these hiring events, we ask school leadership, teachers, and students to participate and provide feedback on each candidate. These events are a great gauge of the applicants' ability to connect with students and showcase their skills in the classroom. This is also a wonderful opportunity for our students to interact with potential teachers and let the hiring managers know their honest opinions about the teaching style of the applicant. We of course seek administrative and teacher feedback on candidates, but it is important to us that we take into consideration how your student(s) feel about a particular candidate as we know students learn best when they feel inspired by a connection with their teacher. At BASIS Independent Manhattan, prospective students are offered the ability to participate in these events! (All students must have a submitted application in order to participate.) 

Final Interview - In the final interview, after passing the Demo Lesson stage, the applicant will meet once again with the Head of School. The autonomy of our Head of Schools to hire the teachers that will add to a passionate, expert, and diverse faculty is seen here. They will delve further into the culture at the specific campus and work to determine the teacher's fit within the school community.

If a teacher is hired, they will then participate in our network-wide Teacher Institute prior to the start of the school year, no matter how seasoned of an educator he or she may be. Teacher training is designed to help solidify for teachers our philosophy and the culture that defines BASIS Curriculum Schools. Our teachers will receive training from Subject Advisers (SADs) from across all BASIS Curriculum Schools who have seen great classroom success and can provide tips on best practices. Teachers continue to receive ongoing support through the school year through collaboration with their SAD, connectivity with fellow teachers in their department, observation and feedback from both school leadership and from experts across the network. Additionally, we have a network-wide collaborative tool called BeLa which allows our teachers to access materials from teachers all over the network so they can calibrate their lessons to be most effective. More on teacher support and BeLa in another post...

Uncovering incredible talent for our classrooms is necessarily a thorough and rigorous process. It is fundamental for our mission to have outstanding and passionate teachers at the front of each and every classroom - it is not possible for students to learn at high levels, to have the bar set high for them, and to have them feel incredible when they exceed it. 

We would love to have you and your child participate in one of our Demo Lesson hiring events. Be sure to submit an application online to be eligible and we will keep you in the loop on all upcoming opportunities.

Speaking of teacher hiring, we are looking for stellar teaching candidates! Please visit http://jobs.basised.com for more information about our positions.