In keeping with our commitment to fostering critical thinking skills, BASIS.ed incorporates interdisciplinary coursework throughout our program. We believe that teaching students to make connections across disciplines, to ask questions and seek solutions and answers across traditional disciplinary boundaries, produces creative and independent thinkers and prepares our students for life and work in the 21st century. 
1608_089_SeniorProjectSaturday_Evelyn_Scollick.jpgWhile all BASIS.ed coursework includes some level of instruction in interdisciplinary thinking, the Senior Project is perhaps the most salient example of these skills at work. Although BASIS Independent Manhattan doesn't offer a high school program just yet, our students can continue into our preschool - 12 sister school, BASIS Independent Brooklyn.

Each year, the BASIS.ed community has the pleasure of celebrating the accomplishments of our entire network of students, participating each year in the presentations of their findings. The richness of the accomplishments of the students knows no limit; we'll share with you each week the abstracts and videos for you to get to know some of our students. Meet Evelyn Scollick from BASIS Oro Valley and keep reading for her presentation abstract.


Evelyn Scollick, BASIS Oro Valley

Faculty Advisor: Eric Fetkenhour
External Advisors: Franklin Lane
Location: Biosphere 2



The steady decline in our oceans’ pH levels has seen devastating effects on marine life everywhere, from coral bleaching to the endangerment of hundreds of species. Along with this ocean acidification, we have seen an increase in harmful algae blooms which deplete the oxygen levels in the surrounding water, creating dead zones where no animals can live. These blooms also release harmful toxins effecting both fish and, as a result, all living creatures down the food chain as they ingest these toxins too, including us fish-eaters. Over a billion people get food from oceans by subsistence fishing. It seems
that as the greenhouse gases in the air continue to rise, and the CO2 continues to dissolve into the
ocean making it more and more acidic, the more hopeless it feels to ever be able to counteract
such pressing concerns. This project has two aims: the first of which is to observe a correlation
between the changing ocean conditions and the algae that grows in the different environments, by studying how and what type of algae grows in different pH and UV environments; the second is to develop a solution to aid in the ever growing problem of algae growth and its effect on the marine life around it.

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