Prospective families consistently tell us they appreciate the chance to speak with current BASIS Independent parents that transferred their children from similar schools. That's why our admissions team brought together a group of BASIS Independent Brooklyn parents to discuss the transition from other private schools. Our "Parent Panel" addressed common questions, we thought it was worth sharing a brief recap.

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BASIS Independent Manhattan Head of School Jesse Rizzo opened the panel with a note on her vision for the new campus. “This school will be a place of rigor and joy," she told the audience and then elaborated about her desire to set high expectations and develop a culture where learning is engaging for students.

What quickly emerged in the ensuing panel discussion were some key themes shared by current BASIS Independent parents participating.

Theme #1: New Challenge in the Classroom

“My son was essentially bored and just not stimulated," said Kirk Murphy about his son Maddox in the early years at another private school in Manhattan. "His teachers at the time said Maddox is distracted.”

Then the Murphy Family enrolled their son in a gifted and talented program in Manhattan that was not a good fit before finding BASIS Independent Brooklyn.

“We never looked back," said Kirk. "There are wonderful, wonderful teachers who are truly engaged with the children. I do get a little emotional about it. When your kid comes home and they are talking about school, and they are talking about their teachers. When they are his heroes. He’s OK with homework; he’s OK with doing this stuff. It’s a result of the teachers truly taking the time to talk to the kids and make sure they are excited to learn."parent panel 2.jpg

Theme #2: Empowering Students

“It’s the empowerment," said Lena Bragina Erven. "Roman comes home and you notice the difference. What he’s talking about with class. Here I feel like what he brings home matters. We know what he is doing. For me, it is the right fit. When he’s in school now, it is a transformation."

Theme #3: Subject Expert/Learning Expert Teaching Model Works

Jennifer Komitee stressed how beneficial it has been to have Subject Expert Teachers paired with a Learning Expert Teacher (LET) in each classroom. "It just works, and the LET differentiates. It just clicked for us."

"Subject Expert Teachers are passionate about their subject," commented Anatoli Arkhipenko. "I do not remember Alexey bringing something to show to us at his old school. Now he does. He is excited by what he does in the classroom."

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Theme #4: Do Not Fear Mandarin

Georgia Boothe shared with the audience that she was very nervous about the prospect of her son taking Mandarin in school, so she enrolled him in the summer Mandarin immersion program at BASIS Independent Brooklyn before transitioning to the school from another Brooklyn private school.

“As parents we put our anxiety on our kids.” She and her husband had no familiarity with Mandarin. Her son had learned Spanish at his former school, but Mandarin was something completely new. However, she quickly saw her son embrace the new language and even start differentiated, advanced work in his class due to the summer lessons.

“When you set the bar high for kids, they rise to reach their potential," said Georgia. "What I love about the school is that they push you right to your maximum, and if you need a step back they have support in place."

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