Twice a year, our grade 2-5 students enthusiastically participate in a unique math challenge that gets them thinking logically, critically, and creatively. The Noetic Math Contest encourages students' interest in math, expands their problem-solving skills, and conveys the message that “It is COOL to be good at math!”

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This year’s contest was administered online rather than in-person due to the pandemic, adding another element to the challenge. Teachers in our math department were very proud of the individual and grade-wide performances that we wanted to share the results and their perspectives. 

Noetic 3rd TeamThe Fall 2020 Noetic Math Contest reported a total of 16,542 participants across 468 schools in 44 states. Among them, our grade 3 students won a Team Achievement Award, meaning they were in the top 10% of all teams that participated. This grade also had the highest number of students – six – who made the National Honor Roll, which is the top 10% of all participants nationwide.

Math Subject Expert Teacher, Ms. Pacer, said “I'm very proud of my third graders for this team achievement! Although, I would have been proud of them anyway because even with this strange school year, my students show up every single day ready to expand their mathematics knowledge. I'm in awe of how hard they are working and am so happy to see their enthusiasm at the chance to stretch their brains with the Noetic Math Contest.”

There were three Team Winners who tied for the highest score in grade 5, and our 2nd and 5th graders had the most Honorable Mentions (Top 50%) with nine students per grade. Ms. Ermakova (Math Subject Expert Teacher) said about her 5th graders, “I was delighted to see how eagerly they practiced and prepared, whether they previously participated or if it was an entirely new experience. Nevertheless, every student walked away having solved logic-based math problems and increasing their interest in math in a fun way.”

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Congratulations to all of our students for their enthusiastic participation and outstanding results. The Noetic Math Contest continues to be a valuable experience in developing their creative-thinking skills by completing questions based on logic and reasoning, helping them think “outside of the box” when it comes to math.

Please find below a complete list of the BASIS Independent Manhattan Fall 2020 Noetic Math Contest results.

Team Achievement Award (Top 10% of All Teams)

Team Winner (Highest score for that BASIS Independent Manhattan grade)

  • Grade 5: Anya H., Colin K., Shreyas S.
  • Grade 4: Vladimir L. 
  • Grade 3: Corey P.
  • Grade 2: Anna W., Sahana S.

National Honor Roll (Top 10%)

  • Grade 4: Vladimir L. 
  • Grade 3: Anouk V., Ayda S., Byron C., Cameron K., Corey P., Laura K.

Honorable Mentions (Top 50%)

  • Grade 5: Aiden T., Anders Z., Anya H., Colin K., Emily W., Madeline L., Shepherd L., Shreyas S., Sia F.
  • Grade 4: Alexander C., Allison B., Charlie A., Gabriel K., Mia T., 
  • Grade 3: Arihant P., Dexter C., Ellie K., Jayden S., Kaes Z., Zachary D.
  • Grade 2: Anna W., Charlotte B., Daniela K., Gabriel L., Polina B., Sahana S., Sen L., Jasmine Y., Julian O. 

noetic math_3rd team (1)

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