BASIS Independent Manhattan was recently featured in a news story conducted by TV2 Denmark. They focused on our school's low-tech approach to education in a high-tech world. The McDonald family, including Aurelia (2-Li) and Flynn (5-Mg), gave their perspectives about not relying on technology at school and why BASIS Independent Manhattan's approach to technology in the classroom is important. 

Technology is vital in today’s world. In fact, the use of technology is a fixed part of many classrooms where students use tablets, spend time in computer labs and do their homework online; however, it is something that must be utilized appropriately. At BASIS Independent Schools, while we prepare students for a technological global economy, technology isn’t a part of our daily instruction. We rely on our teachers to engage with their students, as well as the co-creative environment that results from this engagement.

Flynn claims, “You are much more in touch with the teacher when you do not sit behind a screen.”

Our curriculum prioritizes foundational knowledge and critical thinking skills, which require consistent participation, conversation, inquiry, and analysis. Our teachers, who are experts in the fields they teach, use their passion and enthusiasm to inspire students and connect them to the subject matter through various lessons and activities, all without relying on a tablet or computer. Our students use pencil and paper to take notes in order to reinforce and commit to a more lasting memory what they are learning in the classroom.

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Ultimately, we believe in teaching students to be great communicators. Screens and technology have their place in learning, but are not essential to excel in the classroom.

Read and watch more here to see how our approach to technology in the classroom promotes active student learning, classroom engagement, and better peer relationships.

Please note: The article is in Danish, but can be read in English by using Google translator. It is not a perfect translation (i.e. changes our school name to Basic Independent Manhattan). The video clip is also in Danish, but you can hear the interviews in English.