LaNette Hodge was born and raised in Chicago and has been well-versed with the independent school world from a very young age. She graduated from The Latin School of Chicago before going on to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Iowa. After moving to New York City 15 years ago, she earned a Certificate of Fundraising from New York University. She is proud to be part of what is quickly becoming two of the most exciting educational institutions in New York City.

Ms. Hodge has over 15 years of leadership and business development experience in both nonprofit and corporate sectors. As a leader in independent schools campaign giving, she has a successful track record creating and fostering a community of support funding initiatives in professional development, financial aid, and operational costs.

After finding BASIS Independent Brooklyn as a parent, Ms. Hodge quickly realized she wanted to join the Brooklyn team at the beginning of its inaugural school year, diving right in to playing a key role in successful growth of its budding school community. As Director of Student Enrollment, her role has expanded across to BASIS Independent Manhattan where she looks forward to helping establish another world-class education community in New York City.

What she loves most about being a part of BASIS Independent is meeting with prospective families and applicants, sharing with them her passion for academic excellence. LaNette prides herself on overseeing an admissions process that is reflective of our overall educational philosophy. 

"When I think about what makes us different," she says, "it truly begins with our admissions process. Our process is inclusive of the whole family and we take our time getting to know our applicants. Getting to know the families ensures they understand our mission and goals as an institution and also ensure we understand their goals as a family. We're proud of the fact that we've both seen in our retention and heard from families that they are really happy with their decision to join our community. In our admissions process we're building a community of like-minded, curious, interesting families who all contribute something unique to the fabric of our school."

Meet LaNette and other members of our team at an upcoming event. 

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