carson-pierse.jpgCarson Pierse brings a powerful perspective to BASIS Independent Manhattan. As a proud BASIS.ed alumnus graduating from BASIS Scottsdale in May 2010, she jumped at the opportunity to join the admissions team during the school's founding year.

After graduating from BASIS Scottsdale, she continued her education at Hillsdale College in Michigan, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing and Management. Ms. Pierse has been an active employee within the BASIS Network since graduating from college in December 2014, focusing on teacher recruiting. 

Formerly of the BASIS.ed Recruitment Department, Ms. Pierse has extensive knowledge of our hiring process and the qualifications we seek in our world-quality teachers. As a part of the founding admissions team at BASIS Independent Manhattan, Ms. Pierse is a team player with a passion for sharing her experience with the nationally-ranked BASIS.ed curriculum. 

"Becoming a BASIS.ed student was the most pivitol moment of my educational career. I am excited to be able to join the team in Manhattan and work to bring this amazing curriculum to the Upper West Side!" 

 Meet Carson and other members of our team at an upcoming event.

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