As the first day of our inaugural school year approaches, we're thrilled to unveil to you the team that will make up the founding faculty and staff of BASIS Independent Manhattan. We're pleased to introduce to you Roni Weissman-Gerard, Learning Expert Teacher: Grade 2.


Ms. Weissman-Gerard grew up in Israel and studied in London at the University of Westminster, where she earned a scholarship and graduated summa cum laude. She then continued her education at Hunter College and received a second Bachelor’s degree, and a Master’s degree in Psychology, magna cum laude. She was granted the Livingston Welch Academic Achievement Award for research services involving children with autism. Throughout her academic studies, Ms. Weissman-Gerard continued to pursue Roni.jpgher passion for working with children, and participated in research projects in elementary schools with Fordham and New York University.

Ms. Weissman-Gerard teaches yoga to children with special needs, in particular teenagers with anxiety disorders. As a Learning Expert Teacher at BASIS Independent Manhattan, she incorporates coping mechanisms and relaxation techniques with her students to help them become better learners.

She discovered our program through praise from parents of students who attend our sister school in Brooklyn, and was intrigued by our program’s commitment to challenging students and encouraging them to strive to exceed global standards.

Ms. Weissman-Gerard’s love for traveling and practicing yoga has greatly influenced her life. She met her husband at Machu Picchu while backpacking through South America, and completed her Children’s Yoga Certification in India.


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