As the first day of our inaugural school year approaches, we're thrilled to unveil to you the team that will make up the founding faculty and staff of BASIS Independent Manhattan. We're pleased to introduce to you Math, Science, and Geography Subject Expert Teacher, Christine Pham.


Ms. Pham is originally from Los Angeles, California. She moved to Tucson, Arizona, to attend the University of Arizona and graduated with a Bachelor of Schience in Psychology degree with minors in biology, family studies, and religion. Christine Pham.jpgWhile on the path to becoming an Optometrist, she took a turn down a new beautiful path that catered to the love she has for education and children. 

Ms. Pham has been a part of the BASIS Curriculum network since 2013, teaching math, science, and engineering, and she took part in the grand opening of a BASIS Curriculum school.

In her down time, she loves to walk with her pitbull Tyson, exercise, and master her new personal goal of creating a Vietnamese dish every month. 

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