As the first day of our inaugural school year approaches, we're thrilled to unveil to you the team that will make up the founding faculty and staff of BASIS Independent Manhattan. We're pleased to introduce to you Jonathan Rodriguez, Physical Education Subject Expert Teacher.

Mr. Rodriguez graduated from St. Francis College with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education. During his tenure as an undergraduate, he was a classroom observer at several schools and a student teacher at Jamaica Gateway to the Sciences High School.

Prior to coming to BASIS Independent Manhattan, he worked for two great manhattan-JonathanRodriguez.jpgorganizations: Kids in the Game, and Sports and Arts in Schools Foundation. At Kids in the Game, he experienced many different school environments, each with vastly different student populations. With Sports and Arts at Queens Gateway Middle School, he started the sports program, and coached both the flag football and soccer teams.

As an educator, Mr. Rodriguez says his goal is to weave relatable life skills into fun games and sport activities -- while making it inter-curricular. “Physical education encompasses science, mathematics, geography and history, while affirming confidence and enjoyment,” he says. “I chose BASIS Independent because of its high-achieving and rewarding curriculum, and our school’s belief in balance, in both challenging and supporting the students to turn out the best results.”

When not teaching, Mr. Rodriguez enjoys reading leadership books, writing poetry, listening to music, and watching comedy shows and movies.

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