The Early Years (PreK–Kindergarten) at BASIS Independent Manhattan foster curiosity, confidence, and a love for learning through thematic, hands-on, and comprehensive lessons. We believe the classroom should be a place where students can question, create, and discover as they build connections and begin to understand new topics.

Here’s a glimpse into a few core aspects of our Early Learning Program:

Infusing Play with Learning

Learning becomes tangible for our students when they are able to apply knowledge in their own lives. One of our Early Education Teachers, Taylor Connor, talks about how she enhances her coursework in a fun and interactive way in order to meet both the academic needs and interests of the studen2017-09-26 12.32.00.jpgts:

“In the early years, children learn through touch and through play. For example, one week, we learned all about apples. We made apple sauce, described the apples with our five senses, and used the apples as stamps by dipping them in paints to create an apple orchard mural with the title, ‘How many apples do you see?’ This way, we were able to combine World Discovery, Literacy, Math, and Art. When children can actually taste, touch, and manipulate the different textures through arts and application activities, it helps the content stick.”

Utilizing Multiple Teachers

Our unique two-teacher model means there are two teachers in the classroom at all times with deep knowledge of effective pedagogical techniques and the expertise to craft engaging lessons. These two teachers work together to guide students in making vital connections both inside and outside the classroom. This model also offers an additional layer of support, which increases student success, engagement, and trust.

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Laying Foundations for Future Success

Our program was purposefully and carefully designed to lay academic roots and broaden a child’s understanding of their experiences within the classroom in order to make a seamless transition into the rest of their educational journey. Students in PreK and Kindergarten will enjoy and explore an array of foundational courses that empower their curiosity, allow them to experience victories, and grow their knowledge base, including the following:

  • Mandarin
  • Music
  • Performing Arts
  • Movement
  • STEM/Engineering
  • And more!
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If you’d like to learn more about our Early Learning Program, visit our website or join us for an admissions event. Information Sessions, Campus Tours, and Open Houses are an amazing opportunity to learn more about this exciting program during these critical years, as well as the many benefits of our teaching model, curriculum, and philosophy. 

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