We are excited to welcome you and your family to another admissions season and school year. We have so much to share with you and wanted to spend some time introducing our campus, but more importantly, outlining our unique High School Program. You can read more below regarding our curriculum and commitment to educating students to the highest international levels.

We are Expanding!

With the exciting announcement recently that a new BASIS Independent Manhattan campus will open in Fall 2021, expanding our program to serve grades PreK through 12, we are eagerly anticipating the wonderful changes that will be sure to take place. This time of growth and change will be guided by the strength and consistency of the BASIS Curriculum, which has proven its success since its inception in 1998 and now evolving to be utilized across all BASIS Independent Schools. While our families have been acquainted with the inner workings of the Early Learning Program through Middle School Curriculum, we now can share more about the instruction and experience that families and grade 6–9 students will have at our Upper School Campus. 


Your High School Journey at BASIS Independent Manhattan

Our Middle School program prepares students with accountability, foundational knowledge, and further skills to excel in grades 9–12. This is an important step in their educational journey because it prepares them for our High School Program. Our High School students begin with Honors courses in each of the main disciplines and eventually select and engage in Advanced Placement (AP) classes. While some schools reserve AP coursework for students in grades 11 and 12 or only those with the highest grade point averages in the class, our approach is to offer AP classes to all of our High School students, even as early as grade 9! Between the Honors classes and AP coursework, students are readily and exceptionally prepared for college-level work and placement. To further prepare students for the college process and navigate the research and admissions components, we also have a daily, year-long college counseling seminar. Learn more about the High School Years. 

Advanced Placement (AP) and Results

BIB-2019_Glenn-Cook_286(1)Planning to enroll in AP courses can be an exciting challenge, but also a daunting one. Thankfully, your child will be guided and instructed by our passionate Subject Expert Teachers. They have the expertise, experience, and advanced degrees in their respective disciplines. Through instruction, students are equipped to take advanced courses, utilize their toolkit to perform well in AP exams and external academic competitions, as well as gain acceptance into the best colleges and universities around the world. 

We understand that this is all easier said than done. The biggest question you might have is how do we show you? Although our campus has not had a graduating class or AP results to report yet, we are able to utilize our sister school, BASIS Independent Brooklyn, and show you how the same BASIS Curriculum has produced such phenomenal outcomes for their High School program and students. Based on scores from the 2019-20 school year, more than 60 percent of their high school students qualified as AP Scholars, which is an amazing achievement. Read more about their AP Results and Distinction.          

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The Senior Year
BASIS Curriculum School students flourish in college courses and are prepared for life beyond their school walls, due in part to the design of our High School Curriculum. After finishing their Honors requirements and AP exams, students in their Senior Year enroll in Capstone classes, which are equivalent to college-level, credit classes. They are highly specialized and explore topics that students are already well-versed in but offer an opportunity to delve even deeper into specificity. The format is similar to a college seminar class, which is highly discussion-based where the Subject Expert Teacher engages the student’s blossoming interest and couples it with their expertise to create a next-level educational experience for our seniors. 

Moreover, the crowning jewel of our high school program is the Senior Project. It is a student-led research project that focuses on a topic of their choosing. 

The Senior Project Process:

  • BASIS Independent Manhattan seniors start their year in an extensive planning process with a project advisor. Together they identify a topic of interest to study further and, in time, this topic transforms into a thesis that becomes the foundation of their Senior Project.
  • Students then engage in a three-month, off-campus, high-level research project. Students are connected with an on-site mentor and work on discovering solutions to their topic of choice. Our seniors are responsible for the research throughout the project’s entirety, highlighting our students’ autonomy that has been supplanted since Middle School.
  • Our seniors embark on the Senior Project with a question and finish their final trimester of school with enlightenment, external research to support or reject their thesis, and the poise to present their findings to our community.

You can read more on the Senior Project, but you can also watch two graduates from BASIS Independent Brooklyn: Devon B. and Ryah A. discuss their projects.

BASIS Independent Manhattan and Beyond

8th math spork (1)Preparedness has taken on a new and important meaning, especially throughout this year. At BASIS Independent Manhattan, we maintain the ultimate goal of preparing students through our Early Learning, Primary, Middle, and High School Programs, to graduate with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to excel in their future pursuits. To assist our students with this forward-thinking, the Senior Year features a daily College Counseling Seminar. The College Counselor works with each student to ensure that their passions and interests are known and matched with a tailored list of college and university options. Our Counselor begins this detailed college conversation as early as 9th grade, so by the time they are ready for their senior year, our students are both excited and informed of the coming college process. We also will have college representatives visit and host sessions at our campus, highlighting their unique college programs. 

With our new campus expansion, we are excited to soon have our inaugural graduating class and see what amazing places and higher educational institutions to which they will move on. How do we know that this will be the case? We just look to our sister school to see the list of incredible college acceptances for BASIS Independent Brooklyn seniors. 


Everything Admissions

We have so much to share with you this school year. From this blog, you can see how excited we are to tell you all about our growing school and program. If you are interested in learning more, these are some of the steps you can take now.

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