Leading education podcast "Edspiration" recently featured BASIS Independent Manhattan Head of School Jesse Rizzo on her vision for nurturing a global Jesse1.jpgclassroom at her new school opening on the Upper West Side this fall.

The interview delves into very pertinent discussions: How do you expose students to their role in the world and their own heritage? How does increased empathy and cultural understanding lead to higher achievement?  

"At a humanitarian level, teaching our kids to be globally aware can help them understand people who are different," said Ms. Rizzo in the interview. "Diversity can build a peaceful and civil society. As our world continues to become more interconnected, students are expected to work well with many cultures."

Every young person benefits from learning about their own culture and how they connect with other societies and nation. Jesse Rizzo explains the critical role of cultural awareness needs to play in modern education. Listen to the interview here.

"What teachers and educators always need to remember is that what matters to us will ultimately be very important to our kids," said Ms. Rizzo. "As educators we are always strapped for time. We want to pack as much as we can into one day... We need to and we must build in time to incorporate 21st Century global competencies into the classroom."


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