There are about two months left until school is out for BASIS Independent Brooklyn, our sister school in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Before we close the books on our first year, in our beautiful new building, we want to extend a special invite to you for a tour.

Ok, we know you are thinking, "Red Hook?! On a weekday morning?" 

We have compiled a short list below about the importance of getting a jump-start on learning about BASIS Independent Manhattan by visiting our Brooklyn campus (and sprinkled throughout this list are photo 'sneak peeks' of what you will find when you come for a visit: photos of our vibrant, happy learning community).

Naturally, BASIS Independent Manhattan will have its own character and community feel, but the BASIS.ed program and our teaching philosophy, the unifying thread between BASIS Independent Manhattan, BASIS Independent Brooklyn, our campuses in Silicon Valley, Fremont, McLean and our BASIS.ed schools around the world, define and drive our school culture. Keep reading for more:

Dylan_in_Science_Class.jpg1. Walking the hallways & peeking in classrooms is the best way to get to know us. 

When BASIS.ed schools, just this week, dominated the best high school rankings in the U.S. News & World Report & Washington Post Rankings, and continue to do so, annually, it can be hard for parents to imagine what this type of excellence looks like in the day-to-day culture of a school. Is this going to be too hard? Are students stressed out? Can my child handle it? Do we want to be in an accelerated academic environment? Answers to these types of questions are what you will organically discover on our tours as you observe students and teachers interacting with each other. Mark Reford, from our leadership team, was tapped by U.S. News and World Report in an article on the value of tours, gauging culture and what to keep an eye out for during your visit.

Chess.jpg2. Parents have cited touring the school as a deciding factor in whether BASIS Independent is the right fit.

Mandarin_Class.jpgWouldn't it be great to head into summer knowing whether or not BASIS Independent Manhattan is the right school for your child? 

"I would like to thank you for a delightful and informative tour...the school's interdisciplinary curriculum really impressed me. My daughter excels in languages and has a keen interest in how things work. I feel strongly that your innovative approach will inspire her and give her the confidence to achieve to her full potential." - Touring Parent

"When we toured, it seemed like the message was, 'at BASIS Independent, any interested child is capable of academic excellence."  We had toured and researched several Kindergarten programs, in many of which, I felt the underlying message was more 'what can your child do for us?' I think we found the right school for my son." - Touring Parent

Kindergarten_Kaplow.jpg3. Fall school tours will fill up fast.

For the last few months of school, given that the busiest time in admissions has past us, our tours are more intimate, and we have plenty of time to address both group and individual questions. As would be expected, our fall tours are much busier than spring tours and space fills very quickly. 

Our faculty, staff, and students await you. Don't be surprised if some of our students stop in the halls to tell you how proud they are to be a BASIS Independent student!

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