We have so many wonderful Founding Families coming to BASIS Independent Manhattan this fall. To begin building a greater sense of community, we will start profiling new students and parents. For our first feature, we invite you to meet the Figueroa family, and learn more about the extraordinary success of new student Angel, an award-winning pianist at the tender age of 8.

Earlier this year, Angel won first place in the "New Rising Star 2017" piano competition, and he is slated to perform at Carnegie Hall on July 22, 2017 as part of his prize. We asked Angel's family a few questions that were on our minds.

When did Angel start taking piano lessons?

Angel started playing at the age of 5, and he is now 8 years old. 


Does musical ability run in the family?

Both sides of the family have talented musicians, including a 15 year-old cousin who plays the violin.

Who are some of Angel’s favorite composers and musicians?

Angel was inspired in Medical Center Nursery School by Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, and his teacher Dr. Yu Zhang. He also likes Beethoven, John Williams, and Burgmuller.   

Is there advice you would give other parents on cultivating their childrens' interests?

Parents should spend lots time with their children to discover their interests and then help them stick to it. When Angel attended his nursery school he learned about jazz and spoke a lot about Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. For his third birthday his grandmother bought him a toy piano. When we sang "Happy Birthday," he ran to the piano and stated playing it. That's when we knew that he might like to take lessons and might be good at it.     


Anything interesting that we didn’t know but should have asked?

Previously, Angel won the NY International Competition for Young Artists 2016 in piano and performed at Carnegie Hall on February 28, 2016. Angel also performed in several recitals at Steinway Hall including in the inauguration of the new Steinway Hall Store at Times Square. In fact, you can see Angel in a recent Steinway Commercial.

Outside of piano, he attends the NYC Baseball Center and enjoys singing, dancing, art and acting.

We are so proud to welcome Angel and the whole Figueroa family to our inaugral BASIS Independent Manhattan community! 

Angel collage.jpg

We're proud of you, Angel, and proud of all of our BASIS Independent Manhattan students!

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