We have so many wonderful Founding Families coming to BASIS Independent
Manhattan this fall. To continue building a greater sense of community, we wanted to profile a handful of new students and parents. For our second family feature, we invite you to meet the DiPietros and learn more about the extraordinary success of rising 5th Grader Carmen. She is already an award-winning skiier and recently competed in the Eastern Division Freestyle Championship.

Carmen has received numerous accolades for her aerial and freestyle skiing. You can see her performing a front flip in this video. We asked Carmen's dad a few questions that were on our minds.

carmen jump2 (3).jpg

Tell us about the incredible photo you shared (see above).

Here's Carmen and her coach Nick Goepper doing some Slopestyle training last summer in Canada. Nick is a 3-time Winter X Games Gold Medalist and U.S. Olympic Freestyle Bronze Medalist. 

It's important to learn from the best. That's why we chose BASIS Independent.

What appealed to you about the school?

The thing that appeals most to me is the quality of the teachers. We met parents over the summer whose son had recently graduated from BASIS in Arizona. Their son has all the qualities that a parent might hope for in their own child - intelligence, well rounded, articulate, compassionate - he's got it all going on. I had been speaking to his parents about education and they told me the story about how their son wasn't completely engaged in school - until they enrolled him at BASIS. He went on to become a National Merit Scholar. They attributed much of his success to the high quality teaching that BASIS schools offer.

What are Carmen's favorite subjects and why?

Carmen likes variety and she seems to enjoy learning about different subjects. She's very excited that she will get the opportunity to study chemistry and biology at BASIS Independent Manhattan. I'm not sure that she has a favorite subject yet - but she has expressed an interest in law because she wants to help others.

When did Carmen start skiing and at what age?

Carmen started skiing when she was 18-months old. In retrospect, it's kind of an odd story. It was winter, and I was a newly minted single-dad - and apparently not very skilled at arranging play dates. So I was looking for an activity to do with Carmen. Skiing somehow seemed like a good option for us.

carmen jump-3.jpg

How did you know skiing was the right fit for her?

As we were taking our first magic carpet up the mountain, I was trying to mentally prepare myself for the fact that our journey down the 50-yard beginners' slope might take the better part of the afternoon. I started skiing carmen 2.jpgwhen I was young, and skiers are often impatient when it comes to waiting for other people who are still learning how to ski. When we got off the lift at the top, I put Carmen into position and asked if she was ready. Thinking she'd only travel a couple of inches before falling and losing some piece of ski equipment - she pushed-off and straight-lined it down the entire run - stopping only when she ran out of terrain at the bottom. I had a pretty good idea at that point that skiing was the right fit for her.

What other hobbies does your daughter love?

Carmen is also into soccer, running (track & cross country), trampolining, and asking me to get her a dog.

Are you a skiier, too? Anyone else in the family?

I started skiing when I was 6-years-old and moved to Colorado to ski for a year before finally moving to Manhattan. So I guess I'd say I'm fairly proficient at skiing. However, I was awarded the title of "Worst Skier in the Family" two-years ago when Carmen beat me in a moguls dual at Killington, VT.

Anything else we should have asked but didn't?

The question I get asked most often is whether I'm going to get a dog? The
answer is still "No" -- but if anyone needs a short-term dog sitter, Carmen is available.


We're proud of you, Carmen, and proud of all of our BASIS Independent Manhattan students!

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