BASIS Independent Manhattan's newly appointed Director of Academic Programs Mike Scionti will join us from our sister charter school BASIS Oro Valley (K - Gr. 12). Mike, his MikeScionti_image.jpgwife, and two children are relocating from Arizona this summer, and he is thrilled to join our BASIS Independent Manhattan team. 

Mr. Scionti leaves BASIS Oro Valley on a high note with the recent release of U.S. News & World Report high school rankings placing the school as the third best public high school in the country (among the 22,000 public high schools ranked in all 50 states and the District of Columbia). The high schools ranked #1 and #2 were also BASIS Curriculum Schools.

We sat down with Mr. Scionti to ask some simple, yet important, questions to help familiarize you with the newest member of the BIM leadership team.

Can you explain a bit about your role as Director of Academic Programs? Many families might not know exactly what that entails. 

My role has many different elements but achieving great results with students is always at the forefront. The Director of Academic Programs reviews data constantly and works with teachers to customize plans of instruction - either for the class or for individuals - to deliver the highest quality teaching possible. I will also be looking after the various internal and external assessments that measure our students' learning and serving as a communication link between the school and families at home.

Where are you transferring from within the BASIS Curriculum Schools and how long have you worked within the network?

I grew up in Arizona and have been a teacher and staff member at BASIS Tucson and BASIS Oro Valley for six years. My first role with BASIS Curriculum Schools was directing middle and high school choirs at BASIS Tucson. When our founders proposed the idea of opening a primary school, I eagerly volunteered on that task force and later helped embed creativity at the heart of the Connections course curriculum.   

What drew you to make the move to BASIS Independent Manhattan? 

I've had the privilege of opening two BASIS Curriculum primary schools and the opportunity to continue growing the BASIS network and contributing my expertise means a lot to me professionally. The education scene in New York is an excellent one, and I know that I will learn a lot from the talented teachers and staff that we are assembling on the BASIS Independent Manhattan team.

You are both a staff member and a Founding Family. Do you think that offers a unique perspective? 

Watching my son develop and flourish with his BASIS teachers has been very gratifying for me and my wife. We can see how effective the LET-SET model is for empowering teachers to give students the attention and care they need to reach their individual potential. 


Is your family excited to make the move to New York City and have you found a place to live yet? 

I love New York and am thrilled that my children will grow up with this
experience in their formative years. We are still looking for that perfect place, so thanks for sending us your best apartment hunting vibes.

What are your interests or hobbies? 

I love listening to and making music of all kinds. Eating and cooking make me very happy. The variety of cultures in our world fascinate me, and I am so excited to be placed in the midst of so many of them in New York City. And I know all the Hamilton songs, including the Mix Tape!

One last question – Mets or Yankees? 

I was born during a World Series game that the Yankees won!

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