1608_117_BINS_M_CarsonsCorner_FB_v2.jpgWelcome to Carson's Corner! In this blog series, I, Carson Pierse, share with you the goings-on in

the BASIS.ed Network from my perspective as a BASIS Scottsdale alumna.

I graduated from BASIS Scottsdale in 2010. After earning my Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing and Management from Hillsdale College, I returned home to Arizona and to my BASIS.ed roots, joining the BASIS.ed Talent Acquisition department as a teacher Recruitment Coordinator. I then leapt at the opportunity to join BASIS Independent Manhattan as an Admissions Coordinator where I get to help shape our school community in its founding year, and in years to come. 

It is that time of year where families are making their way back to the City, school supplies are flying off the shelves, and backpacks are in style. It is back to school season and we cannot be more excited! This time next year, BASIS Independent Manhattan will be heading into their inaugural year and for this installment of Carson's Corner, I want to share with you how to become a family in our founding community through our admissions process! 


Admissions Cycles: 

There are two admission cycles, Early Admissions and Regular Admissions. Within our online application, you will be able to indicate which you prefer. Now, your next question may be, how do I know which cycle is right for me? 

Early Admissions Cycle - The deadline to apply is November 10 with a deadline of November 23 for all deliverables. Notification of the admissions decision will be sent on November 30. The benefit to applying to BASIS Independent Manhattan during Early Admissions is the $2,000 tuition discount per student! When do you have to decide? The enrollment contract and deposit are due December 19

Regular Admissions Cycle - The deadline to apply is January 20 with a deadline of January 30 for all deliverables. Notification of the admissions decision will be sent on February 8. When do you have to decide? The enrollment contract and deposit are due March 3.

At this time, we are accepting applications for both admissions cycles. However, please be aware that dates for assessments and family meetings begin at the end of November for Regular Admissions applicants. 


Once you have submitted an online application, you will then be prompted to schedule an assesment for your child with our team. We have two different types of assessments: 

Group Play Date - The play date assessment is for our Kindergarten and Grade 1 applicants. Our play dates are lead by a BASIS Independent teacher and are based off of our inter-disiplinary Connections class. This is an opportunity for our team to assess how your child does within a group classroom setting. We want to see how engaged your child is, how well they respond to the teacher, and how they get along with other students. 

Assessment Exam - Students applying for Grades 2-8 are required to take an assessment exam. This exam is a tool for our admissions team to evaluate the students current academic level. This is not a test your child can study for. This exam is designed to assess your students preparedness for the BASIS.ed curriculum. Students applying for Grade 2 are assisted by a BASIS Independent teacher and Grades 3-8 take the test on their own. Students have two hours to complete the exam and it is self-paced. 

Family Meeting: 

Here at BASIS Independent Manhattan, it is important to us that your family feels our school 067B4556-2798312442-O-1024x682-040725-edited.jpg
community is a home away from home. Your child will be spending the majority of their time with us and you, as parents, will become involved in helping to shape the feel of that community by getting involved with various events. We want this school to be the best fit for your child and your family! To achieve this goal, Family Meetings are an integral part of our admissions process.These meetings are held in at our Admissions Offices and conducted by our team. This meeting is designed to answer any additional questions you have about our program, discuss your child's past educational experiences, and learn more about their interest and academic goals. 


For students applying to grades 1-8, we also require additional documentation. These deliverables help to provide us with more insight into their academic history:

  • Teacher recommendations (English and Math Teacher)
  • Most recent transcript
  • Results of any standardized test that have been taken by your child
  • 504/IEP if indicated on the application


Your child's application will be considered complete upon receipt of all materials and will then be considered for review. The Admissions Committee will evaluate all applicants. Following a decision, your family will be notified according to the dates listed above. 

As you can see, our admissions process is very straight forward and all about getting to know our prospective students and their parents to create the best academic learning environment for them. We want our families to know that this is an exciting time, not one that should be filled with stress or anxiety. At the end of our process, should your child be accepted, you will have confidence that your child is at the best school for them, receiving a world-class education. 

Want to learn more about our program? Come visit us at an upcoming event. I look forward to meeting you and sharing more about my experience.

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