Welcome to Carson's Corner! In this blog series, I, Carson Pierse, share with you the goings-on in carson_pierse_LThumb.jpgthe BASIS.ed Network from my perspective as a BASIS Scottsdale alumna.

I graduated from BASIS Scottsdale in 2010. After earning my Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing and Management from Hillsdale College, I returned home to Arizona and to my BASIS.ed roots, joining the BASIS.ed Talent Acquisition deparment as a teacher Recruitment Coordinator. I then leapt at the opportunity to join BASIS Independent Manhattan as an Admissions Coordinator where I get to help shape our school comminuty in its founding year, and in years to come. 

Now that you know a bit more about me, I would like to turn your attention to the subject of our feature today. Cameron Pierse (yes, my sister) has been, delightfully, spending her summer with me in my (not-so-huge) Upper East Side apartment. Good thing we get along famously!

As a proud recent alumna of BASIS Scottsdale, she was more than happy to come to work with me and share, whenever she could, her experience and love for her school with families considering our program.

Right before she left to go back to Boston University to start her Sophomore year, she left me with this note to share with you on our blog to recap and put to words some of her thoughts on her experience in school. I am proud of my sister, she is destined for great things, and each day that I come to work to build our community in Manhattan, I see the unlimited potential that exists for students at BASIS Curriculum Schools. For those of you who didn't have the pleasure of meeting Cameron in person, here are her parting words as she heads back up to Boston: 


"I am Cameron Pierse, founder of Tutus for Tots, Inc., Trustee Scholar at Boston University, Film/Television and Business Double Major, and graduate of BASIS Scottsdale’s Class of 2015.

At the age of 3, I decided I wanted to be a performer - really I just wanted to be Britney Spears, but unfortunately that title was already taken. So, when my mom pulled me out of our local public school to go to a more STEM-focused school, you can imagine my reaction - it was not a pretty one. I had always been placed in the elevated math and science programs at my elementary school and because of that my parents thought the switch would be in my best interest, but I just wanted to go to my dance classes and not give a second thought to a more challenging curriculum. Attending BASIS Scottsdale changed that in me.

I continued to pursue my passion for performance during my time at BASIS Scottsdale. As a competitive dancer, I was rehearsing and training anywhere from 15-20 hours a week and while being fully dedicated to my dance team and a rigorous course load was difficult, I was certainly able to achieve success in both. From the moment I started fifth grade, BASIS Scottsdale began teaching me how to manage my time and stay organized, so much so that I was completing my Algebra I homework in the sixth grade more efficiently than my dance teammates who were freshmen in high school. I developed a love of learning that I know I would not have acquired if my parents hadn't taken the leap to send me to BASIS Scottsdale.

My best friend and I look back now and ask ourselves, 'how were we taking Physics, Biology, and Chemistry all by the age of 12?!' Thinking about that question for just a minute, it was clear: it came down to our teachers. Even beginning in the fifth grade, we established a mutual respect with our teachers. They were learning from us just as much as we were learning from them. My teachers knew how dedicated I was to dance and to my education, so, when competitions would occasionally get in the way of school, I always felt supported in my art and execution of school work.

Thinking about my most important influences in school, as a Performing Arts teacher in a school with a strong emphasis on the Sciences and Math, Ms. Markel was the teacher that influenced me the most. She was passionate about exposing us to a craft that pushed us out of our comfort zones, even inspiring my college major and leading me toward the emphasis of my Senior Project with HD Broadcast AZ."

I hope that Cameron's perspective on her experience as a BASIS Curriculum student has provided you with a clear picture of what our students are accomplishing. Be sure to keep a look out and join us for our next Alumni Information Session. 

Want to learn more about our program? Come visit us at an upcoming event. I look forward to meeting you and sharing more about my experience.

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