During Spirit Week, we took the opportunity to unveil our new campus video series in which we showcased some of the incredible members of our learning community. From our amazing parents and talented teachers to our curious, unbounded students, every individual contributes to the foundation and success our school.

We invite you to watch the videos below, hear their experiences, and see what BASIS Independent Manhattan is like from their perspective. Don't miss the link to our full campus highlights video to get a true taste of our nationally-acclaimed program. We are incredibly proud of these videos, and we hope you love them as much as we do!

There is no one better to introduce our video series than Ms. Khan, our beloved Engineering teacher, and hero to all students who love to tinker, build, and explore. Watch and get a glimpse into the exciting world students are exposed to every day at BASIS Independent Manhattan. 

Now we'll pivot to our parents, who have been instrumental in helping our community grow and flourish.

First, meet Allison, who shares the evolution she has witnessed in her son since the beginning of the year. "This school has exceeded our expectations on many fronts . . . I feel like in elementary school, where he didn't go to a BASIS School . . . he just kind of was surviving. BASIS has unlocked something inside of him that's really exciting." 

Claudia, a parent of two, happily gives some insights on what aspects of our program helps her twins connect with the content taught in class, as well as how the school is able to sustain its high level of academia in a loving setting. 

Aseem is another parent of two, and he radiates pride for our school community. "I want them to be ready internationally, and this school offers that. I want them to be competing, not with their other classmates, I want them to be competing with the rest of the world . . . and it's done in such a nice manner that they want to. I'm happy because my kids are so happy at school." 

Next up—video spotlights of just a few of our remarkable students! Olivia and Alexa are sisters here at BASIS Independent Manhattan, and they have a lot to say about their favorite classes, field trips, and extracurriculars. We love how much they love learning!

Now Luca shares what his day looks like and how he balances his school and clubs. He loves being a part of the theater tech team and helping with lighting and making the drama performances at school come to life. His enthusiasm is infectious—see for yourself! 

And finally, we'd like to unveil our campus video: Welcome to BASIS Independent Manhattan! 

It brings us immense joy to see our students come to school happy, ready to learn and to tackle the challenges of the day. We could only hope to capture a fraction of the energy we see here on campus every day; it is amazing to see what came from these efforts. 

We want to thank everyone who participated and helped to make these videos a reality! We are so unbelievably lucky to have a community that works to make school such a special place for our students.