To celebrate the opening of BASIS Independent Manhattan, our Visual Arts Subject Expert Teacher, Mr. Stephen Smith, tasked his 6th grade class with creating a work of art that would mark the occasion. After thoughtful examination and brainstorming, the emerging theme for the students was that our school community is a global community. They wanted to create a reflection of the diverse backgrounds of their classmates and to show they are united with one common goal—to receive a world-class education in a joyful and rigorous environment.

stop motion video screenshot-2.png

“The kids themselves decided on the medium of stop-motion,” said Mr. Smith. “They were really excited about it—several of them even had background knowledge in creating stop-motion films, which made production take off quickly.”

There were several task groups involved and students self-selected and volunteered to take on the following roles:

  • Technical Director: He was the one who was inspired to break the class into teams and to really dig his heels into production.
  • Animators: Our animators created each “character” in the stop-motion. Each student was in charge of the slight movements of their characters. After each movement, the technical director would take a photo, and so on.
  • Continental Director: Our continental director was over the continents and choosing the colors that represented each one, as well as the direction for how the continents moved across the screen.
  • Artistic Directors: This group helped to cut out the continents and color them in, creating the vibrant background you see in the video.

In addition to the sixth graders, our youngest students put their stamp on this project as well. The Kindergarten classes used construction paper and crayons to create the fish that were seen swimming in the beginning of the video. It was an incredible and collaborative effort that began in the very first days of schools and carried over five to six class periods. Watch the video here » 

“They really formed a bond in the classroom,” Mr. Smith continued. “It was inspiring to see how excited they were to create something that represented the BASIS Independent Manhattan community as a whole.”

If such a feat was completed in the very first weeks of the semester, we can’t wait to see what these talented students can accomplish by the end of the year! We hope to see even more teamwork, creativity, and fast friendships result from the many other projects they will tackle throughout the school year.