Students at BASIS Independent Schools know a thing or two about hard work and persistence in problem solving. Our accelerated and spiraled math curriculum gives students ample time to strengthen their fundamental skills so that each year, when our schools facilitate opportunities for students to participate in competitions, clubs, and more, they can then show off their talents and achieve new goals. This year’s math wins across several of our campuses are a testament of how well our students thrive in competitive situations.

Read on to explore just a few of the math-centric accomplishments from our campuses in Brooklyn, Fremont, Manhattan, McLean, and Silicon Valley.


Each year, our schools participate in the MATHCOUNTS competition series. This is a national middle school math enrichment program offering competition and club activities designed to foster appreciation of math among U.S. students to prepare them for future career opportunities and success.

image-38 MATHCOUNTS state 2






Each level of competition (school, chapter/regional, state, and national) is comprised of four rounds—Sprint, Target, Team, and Countdown. Every round focuses on a unique challenge, be it speed and accuracy, problem solving and mathematical reasoning, or collaboration. Below are the MATHCOUNTS competition results per each competing BASIS Independent Schools campus:

BASIS Independent Brooklyn:

  • BASIS Independent Brooklyn won their regional championship! Max S. won 1st place, Finn C. won 2nd place, Zachary D. won 3rd place (tied with a student from another school), and Ronan M. won 5th place.
  • In the state championship, BASIS Independent Brooklyn placed 19th out of 43 teams. Out of 197 individuals who competed, Max came in 33rd place, Finn C came in 58th, Ronan came in 96th, and Zachary came in 134th.
  • This was the last year of competition for two the eighth graders, Max and Zach, and they finished with a bang!

BASIS Independent Fremont:

  • BASIS Independent Fremont won 2nd place Honorable Mention at their chapter competition.
  • Allen F., grade 7, has moved forward to the state competition, and Christopher C., also grade 7, placed 3rd in the Countdown Round of the MATHCOUNTS competition.

BASIS Independent Manhattan:

  • The BASIS Independent Manhattan MATHCOUNTS team of 7th graders Thomas P., Elliot W., Nikita C., and Sofia S. participated in the regional competition for their very first time!  

BASIS Independent McLean:

  • BASIS Independent McLean won both their regional AND state championship! They are officially three-time defending state champions.
  • The state team is comprised of the top four state individual winners and is coached by the winning team’s coach, who is BASIS Independent McLean’s very own Mr. Sullivan
  • Ethan Z., Sam W., Max Y., Brian L., Alan H., Alexander O., and Raymond Z., placed in the top 25% of competitors in the regional competition. Students Neha R. and Eric F. also competed.
  • Brian, Sam, Max, and Ethan went on to win the Virginia state championship. Both Sam and Ethan—who finished in first and second place, respectively, in the individual events—will compete in Nationals as part of the Virginia team.

BASIS Independent Silicon Valley:

  • BASIS Independent Silicon Valley had four students take second place at the local chapter, or regional, competition.
  • Jamin X., Catherine L., Henry Y., and Angela Q. each advanced to the state level. 

 MATHCOUNTS State-2MC Team 2019


In addition to MATHCOUNTS, the middle school and high school Math Circle Teams at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley have also performed impressively this year. Here are some of the competitions they have participated in:

Berkeley Mini Math tournament

Our Middle School Math Circle Team won 3rd place in the Berkeley Mini Math Tournament (BmMT). This tournament is one of the largest national math competitions for middle school students. Through this competition, the organizers strive to encourage mathematical exploration and understanding by introducing concepts not covered in the typical pre-college curricula to students with high mathematical aptitude and interest.

This year, BASIS Independent Silicon Valley formed several teams to participate the BmMT contest on November 18 at UC Berkeley. Through the individual, speed, puzzle, and team rounds, the BISV Jaguar team won the 3rd place overall team award. The five students in the team are Catherine L., David L., Jamin X., Kyle L., and Larry X.

Bay Area Math Olympiad

The Bay Area Math Olympiad is a four-hour marathon of mathematic proof writing. The BASIS Independent Silicon Valley Middle School Math Circle team placed 2nd in terms of both score and participation. Vishak S. and Indeveer M. received Honorable Mentions and Lucus W. received a Young Award for great performance for 5th grade. From our high school team, Adam T. earned an honorable mention.

Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament

Founded in 1998, the Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament (HMMT) is one of the largest and most prestigious high school competitions in the world. Each tournament draws close to 1000 students from around the globe, including top scorers at national and international olympiads. HMMT is entirely student-organized by students at Harvard, MIT, and nearby schools, many of whom are HMMT alumni themselves.

The BASIS Independent Silicon Valley High School Math Circle Team won 5th place in the HMMT. Congrats to Chet B., William P., Sanjana D., Siddharth S., Adam T., and Albert T!



This year, BASIS Independent Manhattan was excited to give students in grades 2–5 the opportunity to take part in the Noetic Learning Math Contest (NLMC), a semiannual problem-solving contest for elementary and middle school students. Students participated in this national math contest by solving 20 math problems in 45 minutes.

Their grade 5 students won a Team Achievement Award, meaning they were in the top 10% of all teams that participated, scored 5th overall, and took 2nd place out of all New York teams! Students in each participating grade also made the National Honor Roll while several others received Honorable Mentions.


Competitions like these not only offer students the chance to explore their passions in math and other fields, but to build friendships with their peers and learn valuable teamwork skills.

We love seeing our students challenge themselves and experiencing the rewards of their hard work! Congratulations to them all on these impressive accomplishments. Stay tuned for more updates across BASIS Independent Schools in the future.