At BASIS Independent Fremont, we seek applicants who have an interest in learning at an international level, a desire to make a contribution, a willingness to work hard, with an ambition to join a collaborative, supportive, and joyful community of peers and Subject Expert Teachers. Be ready to participate in a culture where academics are encouraged, learning is celebrated, and students have fun! In order to both ensure student success and manage the popularity of our program, admissions is a selective process.

What is the Play Date?
Our Play Date is a play-based assessment that provides our teachers, administrators, and admissions staff the opportunity to get to know your child. While observing your child's social-emotional and academic development in a one-on-one setting.

The assessment will take place at our Lower School Campus which is located at 3300 Kearney Street, Fremont, California 94538.

Play Dates generally last  up to 30 minutes and is a time for our teacher or administrator to get to know your child, by an age-appropriate lesson or activity. 


What materials should be brought to the Play Date?
There are no materials needed at the Play Date. However, your child should feel free to being their favorite book or toy with them.


When are the Play Dates held?
Play Dates are held Monday - Friday at various times throughout the day and can be booked through your application portal after you submit an application. Please select a time that you believe your child will be at their best! We want to highlight your child at their best ability.


Who is required to attend the Play Date?
One adult (a parent, guardian, caregiver, family member) will wait at our reception while your child will be escorted into the school with a member of our admissions team. Parent or guardians are not permitted to accompany children to the actual assessment as we hope to interact with your child independent of the adult.
 This is for us to learn more about your child on their own.


What if we are applying for more than one child?
Students applying for TK - Grade 1 are required to attend a Play Date. If you are applying for more than one student in that grade band, both students can attend the same Play Date. 


When does the Play Date have to take place?
Those applying in Early Admissions (TK only) must complete their Play Date by their Completion Deadline, November 7. Those applying to Regular Admissions must complete their Play Date by their Completion Deadline, February 27, 2023


How do we register for a Play Date?
Once you have submitted your application, you will be prompted to schedule your Play Date. 

If you're not ready to choose a date and time, you can always log back in at a later date and choose one that is convenient. Please note: As we get closer to the Completion Deadline, there are fewer meeting times available. We would suggest scheduling one as soon as you are able. 


How long is the Play Date?
Play Dates are generally 30 minutes long. Oftentimes, those hosting the Play Date will have back-to-back appointments and will be unable to go over the 30-minute mark. 


Whom will we be meeting with?
Our Play Dates are hosted by members of our Student Affairs Team, members of our Administration, and even some of our Subject Expert Teachers! You never know who will be hosting, but your child will always get to meet with a member of our community. 


What if my child doesn't know all the answers?
That is ok! We are meeting with them to gauge where they are socially, emotionally, and academically. We know and understand not all students are in the same place. 


How will the Play Date be held?
The assessment will take place at our Lower School Campus which is located at 3300 Kearney Street, Fremont, California 94538. You will receive a reminder email 24 hours before your meeting time. Please arrive at campus at least 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment time.


What if my child doesn't do well due to unforeseen circumstances?
We know children don't always have good days, a good night's sleep, their tummy hurts, they are overly shy - we understand all these things. 

It is the right of the admissions office to reschedule if we feel it is necessary, however, we will not offer to reschedule if the adult feels the child did not do well or their best. As this is an assessment, only one opportunity for the assessment is allowed.  


Will we know the results of the Play Date?
No, we do not share assessment results with applicants or parents.  


We look forward to meeting your student(s) soon at your Play Date!

If you have any questions, please contact the Admissions team by e-mail, or speak with an admissions representative at 510.775.5822.


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