At BASIS Independent Fremont, nothing is more important than the health, happiness, and security of our community. Students today live in a world of ever-growing pressures, distractions, vulnerabilities, and potential pitfalls. As such, our passionate administrative teams work collaboratively to create and implement year-round initiatives, as well as special events that keep our student body on track and focusing on options and opportunities that promote well-being and nurture the development of healthy decision-making skills. One of our community’s most beloved customs, born of these initiatives, is our tradition of Wellness Weeks.


Wellness Week brings smiles, mindfulness, and splashes of colors through centering activities, collaborative and unifying projects, and opportunities for self-expression as we explore all the facets that go into maintaining one’s health. Monday through Friday, we assign a special focus and theme to explore with our students through activities that are as fun and engaging as they are rewarding. Step into the life of a BASIS Independent Fremont Bumblebee and follow along with our most recent March Wellness Week, hosted at our Lower School campus.

Monday - Digital Health Day

First, we explored the benefits of spending time offline and away from screens, as well as how to protect yourself from digital threats. In our corresponding educational video created by Associate Head of Operations, Mr. Hinkel-Lipsker or “Coach Andy”, our students learned about the importance of healthy sleeping habits and the effects that blue lights can have on our bodies and brains. In addition to a Screen-Free Pledge, students were encouraged to spend offline time with their families creating school-spirit tie-dye t-shirts. On Monday, the entire school came decked out in their creations, in a true rainbow of diverse colors and patterns. All across the campus, you could hear students complimenting each other’s creativity and uniqueness.

“I liked the tie-dye. I made it by myself! It was weird but fun to make! I was excited to show my classmates my shirt and see how different everyone’s turned out!” Vrushab K.



Tuesday - Mental Health Day

The school turned to a sea of green on Tuesday in solidarity, when we slowed our pace and mindfully focused on mental health awareness, represented by the green ribbon. Our students learned what mental health means, how it can affect your body and mind, ways they can support their mental health, and when to ask for help. Our Learning and Subject Expert Teachers incorporated these messages into their lessons throughout the day, guiding students through meditation and stress relieving exercises. After learning that laughter can be a tool to alleviate stress, our students were thrilled to attend a lunchtime stand-up comedy show together. One of the most touching aspects of the day was the introduction of students to our “take what you need” board passive program, where they could leave words of encouragement for their fellow classmates, or take a note for inspiration if they felt the need. Even our youngest scholars benefitted from lifting one another up.

“It was cool that everyone was wearing green. It’s important to know about because it makes you happy and it helps your brain.” Evan L.



Wednesday - Physical Health Day

On Wednesday we got physical, diving into our favorite ways to stay active and keep our bodies happy. Our students showcased their favorite athletic teams and sports by donning jerseys and gear. Coach Andy’s “twin brother,” Coach Drew, dropped in to pump up our blooming athletes before their lunchtime celebration featuring yoga sessions led by Head of Lower School, Mr. Wagoner, and of course a lively dance party to keep the good times rolling. Who knew there were so many ways to fuel your body and mind at the same time!

“I really liked the whole idea of sports because it supports the idea of exercising and being healthy. I also like it because we got to show our favorite sports and teams. I wore my favorite, cricket!” Ruhi T.


Thursday - Nutrition Day

Things got a little “bananas” on Nutrition Day when our Bumblebees came to school dressed in items with a food theme (some taking the direction quite literally)! Students were greeted with a morning snack of fresh fruit as they entered the campus. Our community explored how the food we put into our bodies can affect our “machines” and what types of fuels help our “machines” run the most efficiently. Students were challenged to drink water throughout the day and were invited to participate in a fun “minute to win it” cheerios game at lunch!

“I liked how everyone was wearing food, it was so funny! And the videos Coach Andy made were super amusing. It was really enjoyable for me and my classmates!” Mira C.


Friday – Self-Esteem Day

What makes you feel happy and good about yourself? Everyone has different passions that make them feel fulfilled and special, and when we can proudly display these to the world, it can be a truly affirming and uniting moment. On Friday, our Bumblebees were asked to come to school showcasing what makes them feel the happiest and spent the day learning about and practicing positive self-talk. By building ourselves up and talking about what is important to us, we can even form new connections and build healthy relationships with others, creating a wonderful cycle of positivity!

“I wore video games on my shirt and so did my friend! Showing what I really like made me feel good!” Vihaan G. 


By the end of our Wellness Week, our Bumblebees went off to their weekends knowing a little more about themselves and their classmates, with a new arsenal of tools to continue a positive path of growth and engagement. At BASIS Independent Fremont, we love our strong, supportive community and strive to continually incorporate new initiatives that build up our Bumblebees and Yellow Jackets through fun, creativity, and self-expression.


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