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January 27, 2017

Formula for Success: Transitioning to BASIS Independent Fremont

Parents often ask us, “Will my child do well here?” Our students come from many different MQ2A6479.jpgtypes of schools with varying methodologies of instruction. We believe that there are two common traits that all successful students at BASIS Independent schools share—a love for learning and parents who are committed to supporting their child in all their academic endeavors.

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May 24, 2016

How does a Montessori Education prepare students for BASIS Independent Fremont?

PRESCHOOL.jpgAs families consider BASIS Independent Fremont for their children, the question of, "Is my child prepared to transition to this accelerated academic program?" invariably rises to the surface. It might, in fact, be one of the most important questions looming large on the minds of our families.

Unfortunately, there is no "one answer" to this question. It cannot be answered in a blog post; it is highly personal, and based on the child in question. Our door is always open to discuss the transition to BASIS Independent Fremont with you, so don't hesitate to reach out and schedule a meeting

With that being said, after nearly 20 years experience helping students from countless educational backgrounds transition to our program, we have learned a thing (or two!) about how kids from specific pedagogic backgrounds acclimate to the content-rich BASIS.ed academic model. We'd like to dive deeper into how students coming from programs teaching The Montessori Method of Education transition into our program. This child-centered educational approach focuses on developing the whole child via multi-age classrooms, uninterrupted blocks of school work, guided choice time, and learning materials specific to the method. We see many students come to BASIS Independent, particularly in the primary years, having had the Montessori Method of education play a prominent role in the building of their learning foundation.

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