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December 28, 2016

Day-in-the-Life series: Second Grade

by Dale Burton20161012134641424_image.jpg

My goal as a second grade Learning Expert Teacher is for my students to develop a life-long passion for learning.  I also hope they learn to appreciate constructive struggle, develop perseverance, and become self-motivated. To this end, I am committed to creating a learning environment that is safe and nurturing, and allows students to reach their highest potential.

The core of the BASIS.ed philosophy is to empower students to take responsibility for their own education and help them be pro-active in their evolution as a lifelong learner. As such, every class incorporates a Communication Journal as a tool that enables students to keep track of their homework, lesson objectives, notes from teachers, and much more. However analog, this tool has proven to increase student retention and encourage students to be accountable for their learning.

Listen to what Fendi D. has to say about her experience as a second grade student. Watch the video below:

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