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September 6, 2016

Exciting News From Our Silicon Valley Sister School: The American Society of Civil Engineers Interviews Inspirational Engineering Teacher

Dr._Amin-648721-edited.jpgAccording to the American Society for Civil Engineers (ASCE), the number of Civil Engineering clubs like the one at sister school BASIS Independent Silicon Valley has doubled in the United States in the last year. But recently, the ASCE took notice of the amazing accomplishments happening in Enginnering teacher Dr. Amin Ghafooripour's Civil Engineering Club, so they sat down with him to learn more about how he is leading the charge and inspiring the next generation of inventors and engineers. As you'll read, Dr. Amin had some pretty incredible things to say about his students, such as, “These kids don’t have any limits on their minds; there are no boundaries for their imaginations,” he said. “They can do everything. Sometimes they come up with ideas, and I say, ‘Oh, I never even thought of this.'"

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January 8, 2016

From Fencing to Entrepreneurialism: Extracurriculars, Sports, and Activities in a K-5 Setting

A hallmark of BASIS Independent Schools is the breadth and depth of our student-driven extracurricular, sports, and after school activities offerings that act as a complement to our academic program. As our first K-5 private school in the Bay Area, BASIS Independent Fremont will offer a similar breadth of extracurricular activities and offerings seen at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley - but our offering will be designed specifically to engage, challenge, and develop the youngest learners.

So, what does an extracurricular sports and activities program look like in a K-5 school setting? To help shed some light on the answer, we bring you a blog post from our sister school, BASIS Independent Brooklyn, which offers a wide variety of activities to students in grades K-5 (as well as grades 6 and above, of course!):

To visit our school during the academic day is to witness that our school environment balances frenetic, intellectual energy, with a pretty relaxed, easy going but orderly flow of teachers and students through the building. Our teachers come to school every day ready to give their 150%, to seize every opportunity they can to engage the growing minds thriving in our program. As much as our teachers “bring it” to their classes, our students “bring it” to their studies, producing a sort of quiet, intellectual fury that sustains and defines our school culture.

When the last academic class lets out for the day, what happens next is anything but quiet and can only mean one thing: time for sports, clubs, and extracurriculars!

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