Imagine that you are back at school sitting in a class you excel in. You might be a little bored because you already read ahead in the textbook, and you zone out when the teacher talks. You know this already! Or maybe you’re in a class you don’t like very much because you struggle with the material. Why is the teacher going so fast? You barely understood the last lesson! Now imagine there was a second teacher in that classroom, one who knew your strengths and areas for improvement, who could work with you to make sure you were achieving your potential in the best way for you. That second teacher in the class helping students while the first teacher leads the class creates the SET/LET relationship at BASIS Independent Fremont.

SETs, or Subject Expert Teachers, lead classes in the subjects they are the most passionate about (as reflected in their degrees and hobbies). Their area of expertise is their sole focus, allowing them to concentrate on creating interesting, in-depth lessons for all the grade levels they teach. LETs, or Learning Expert Teachers, are responsible for a class of students who are all in the same grade. An LET for a second grade class, for example, will stay with that second grade class all day and be with them in all their subject classes led by SETs. Because LETs are with their students all day, they know how they are doing in each subject, and can provide extra support in class as needed when an SET is teaching. They are able to build trust and understanding with their students to better guide them through their academic challenges.

This two teacher model minimizes distractions and maximizes learning. Students get the benefit of teachers who love their subjects and can pass that passion on, and a teacher who can keep a close eye on their progress and happiness. At BASIS Independent Fremont, this SET/LET relationship is at the heart of our goal to instill a lifelong passion for learning in our students.

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