We are often asked how our schools across the network are consistently ranked atop the entire country.

It’s a fair question, given that the established (and thus eligible for such rankings) schools in our network are ranked among the nation’s best by any measure: data-based media rankingscollege admissions, AP courses, testing and scores, or OECD / PISA testing and rankings.

The fact that we are a network is important. Being a part of the network helps each school become even better than it would otherwise be, standing alone. BASIS Independent Fremont benefits quite directly not only from being a part of the larger network, but also from having a sister school merely miles away.

Here’s why:

Boiled down, our formula is something we have been working on across a network of high-performing schools for nearly two decades:

  • We continually improve our accelerated, STEM-focused, liberal arts curriculum;
  • We hire bright, passionate teachers who are experts in their subjects and often have real-world experience; and
  • We support each individual student in whatever manner they need, while teaching them to find what inspires, to learn more about it, and to ask and answer questions without hesitations or limits.            



You can see that our secret to success really isn’t a secret – and the results are that our students are intellectually satisfied, love to learn, and outperform their same-aged peers in the U.S. and around the world in their knowledge of math, reading, and science.

Finally, a paramount benefit to being part of a unique, full K-12 program, where BASIS Independent Fremont students matriculate to BASIS Independent Silicon Valley for middle and high school, is that we always have the end goal of college in sight. We ensure that each step propels students in the right direction, and the ultimate destination, to which only a world-class education can lead.

The Early Decision/Action acceptances for BASIS Independent Silicon Valley’s first graduating class are a testament to the quality of our program, with acceptances to Yale University, Washington University in St. Louis, Georgetown University, Santa Clara University, and more.


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