Now that our school year is in full swing, we would like to introduce you to a new content series that highlights the amazing work being done in our classrooms at BASIS Independent Fremont.

Every morning, our 5th graders meet for Academic Enrichment (AE), a class that is unique to BASIS.ed schools and highlights our commitment to teaching students the skills they will need to be successful at BASIS Independent Fremont and beyond. 

AE serves many functions. Some days, students use this time to study or work on homework.  We also have set topics that are discussed with the students.  Over the last several weeks, our 5th grade students have had lessons about effective study habits and time management skills.  Many of our 5th grade teachers also use AE as an extension of their office hours, and will drop by ahead of tests and/or major assignments to meet with their students.  More recently, though, we have begun to use the Friday AE session for a 5th grade assembly.

During our Friday assembly, we focus on building community amongst our 5th graders, and address any grade-level issues that have come up over the course of the week.  Last week, for example, Mr. Harter and Ms. Sagal worked with the students on effective communication skills.  As our current parents know, our teachers frequently utilize group work in class, so learning how to listen and communicate with their peers is an essential skill for BASIS Independent Fremont students.  In future weeks, our teachers will lead activities focused on leadership and respect.  AE provides us with the time and space to really make sure our students are thriving, not just academically, but socially and emotionally as well.