And we’re back! It is hard to believe, but we began our second year of school here at BASIS Independent Fremont just under a month ago on Wednesday, August 16, 2017. This year, we welcomed over 230 students, ranging in age from Transitional Kindergarten through Grade 6, into our school. It has been a busy and exciting few weeks for our Bumblebees. In addition to acclimating to a new school year (with new cubbies and lockers and teachers and supplies!), our students have been diving deep into new content. Our kindergarteners are learning about different food groups and how to develop healthy eating habits, our first graders are beginning a multi-week interdisciplinary unit on Ancient Egypt, our fourth graders are asking deep questions about culture and community, and our sixth graders are enjoying their first few weeks as full-fledged middle schoolers!

The start of a new school year also brings with it a chance to reflect on our values, and the expectations we have for members of the BASIS Independent Fremont community. We’ve talked with our students, faculty, and staff quite a lot about our core values, which are best represented by our STINGER acronym (Safe, Trustworthy, Industrious, Noble, Gritty, Empathetic, and Respectful). Gritty is a new addition this year, and is a value that we are devoting a lot of attention to with our students. We want our students to show perseverance, and to know that failure is an important part of the learning process. It has been rewarding over the last several weeks to overhear the students praising each other for being gritty and trying their best!

We talked with our students over lunch last week and asked them what they’ve most enjoyed about the start of the school year. Here’s what they had to say:

Caia S. (2)


"Connections has been my favorite subject because we usually do some Art, and I like making Origami art."

- Caia S. (2)



Victor K. (4).jpg

"My favorite subject would have to be Art. Art is my escape from reality."- Victor K. (4)

Yuke J. (TK).jpg



"Recess has been my favorite part of the school year so far because I get to have a lot of fun with my friends!"- Yuke J. (TK)



Ishaan D. (3) .jpg
"When Mr. Harter wrote a good note in my CJ was my favorite part of the school year so far. I also enjoy building during our craft period."- Ishaan D. (3)

Daniel D. (1).jpg



"Playing dodgeball in P.E. class has been my favorite part of the school year because playing against Coach Andy is so much fun!"- Daniel D. (1)



Pooja K. (4) .jpg


"Specials is my favorite class because every day is different, so it is like a surprise each day."- Pooja K. (4)



Kyle S. (6).jpg



"Chemistry is my favorite subject. We learned about the NFPA Diamond Label and I had been wanting to learn about that for a long time. I also enjoy mixing chemicals since that can be really fun!"- Kyle S. (6)