This holiday season BASIS Independent Fremont paused to reflect on and appreciate the tremendous community that has grown and developed together over the last six years. Below are insights and reflections of gratitude shared by members of our Lower School staff and student body.

To the parents…

“You have been generous with your time, resources, and thoughtfulness in the way you support your child’s education. Your sacrifices do not go unnoticed. Your unwavering commitment makes your student’s successes possible.

What we’ve achieved together over the last six years is truly remarkable, and it could not be accomplished without the inspired contributions you've brought to the table.” –Mr. Wagoner, Head of Lower School


To the students,

“As an educator, I find that I am always learning new things. We study history to better understand our mistakes as we reflect on all the hardships and triumphs of our collective past. We study literature to better know and understand ourselves and each other. The power of these stories is to help us imagine a better future. This is also the gift of working with young people; you give us all hope in the best possible way.

This year, it’s been heartwarming to witness our students’ sincere happiness as they returned to school, grew in self-direction and independence. While they have so many new and undiscovered experiences ahead of them, they have already lived through some very unpredictable and challenging times. Our students inspire us each and every day.” - Dr. Min, Director of Student Affairs


To the educators,

“The work of our tremendous team - Early Learning, Subject and Learning Expert Teachers - is nothing short of extraordinary. Together they make an enduring impact in the lives of our students, parents, and the community.” –Mr. Wagoner, Head of Lower School


To the community,

“Our students are exposed to an expansive array of firsthand accounts and hands-on opportunities that broaden their perspectives starting in their earliest learning years, continuing throughout their educational journeys. Being exposed to the joys and experiences of others builds curious, open-hearted individuals with a thirst for knowledge and an appreciation for the diverse experiences of humanity. When we think to the future and the community that we want to continue nurturing together, no principles come quicker to mind.

Together, our community is building the community and future we want to see reflected in our world.” - Ms. Peterson, Director of Communications


From the students,

“I am thankful that I have a loving family. I use this to help others by sharing the love I receive from my family.”

“I am thankful that I am funny and have a great sense of humor. I use this to help others by making them happy when they are sad.”

“I am thankful that I have a school. I use this to help others by learning so one day I can teach.”

“I am thankful that I am unique and me. I use this to help others by telling them that they are unique.”

“I am thankful that I can play the piano. I use this to help others by making pretty music.”

“I am thankful that I am going to [BASIS Independent Fremont]. I use this to help others by showing the good manners I learn to others.”


 One thing is evident, with these students guiding our future, it is certain to be bright. From BASIS Independent Fremont, we want to thank you for being the reason we are grateful this season.


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