BASIS Independent Fremont, our second school in Silicon Valley, plants its flag as our first primary program present in the region. We do, however, enjoy a legacy of success and parent satisfaction with our primary program around the country.

Meet Krithika R., former BASIS Independent Brooklyn mom to (now) 2nd grader Akshara R., and current Silicon Valley resident. Krithika brings with her to the valley a unique perspective: she both deeply understands BASIS Independent Schools as well as the reality of what it means to educate her children in the Bay Area. Keep reading for her perspective on the BASIS Independent Schools primary program and what this means for the Bay Area:

What made you switch to BASIS Independent in the first place?

Krithika R.: I was looking for a school that my daughter could grow in until 12th grade. BASIS Independent Brooklyn was a school that very clearly gave my daughter individual strength and independence while challenging her capacity to meet and exceed her potential. She was previously in a Montessori program and loved it. She thrived and excelled in it, but also didn’t push herself as much there. I knew she eventually would, but I didn’t want to wait a long time to see her meet her capacity. I wanted to see her push herself a little harder. Sometimes we all need a little push to get the ball rolling.

How would you describe the academic program to others?

KR: I would describe it as aggressive-meets-fun, academic-meets-well rounded, aware-meets-action. The school mentality is to challenge, while bringing wholeness to the child. The academic program seems "harder" and it felt like a lot of homework at the beginning. However, my child ended up running home from the bus, sitting at the table snacking and getting all of her things done the moment the assignments were given to her. She not only completed the work but was happy and felt fulfilled and that she achieved something. She knew she could do it and wasn’t afraid of tomorrow or the next day. She was always excited to learn and to be challenged. That was how I measured her success at BASIS Independent. 

What was your favorite aspect of the program?

KR: My favorite aspect, and I believe this to be my daughter’s as well, was her Mandarin class. Vertical thinking, cultural awareness, and synaptic nerves firing. This is what you get with an amazing language learning experience. She loves learning Mandarin in BASIS Independent. The teacher had an amazing method of teaching that surpassed any way that I have ever learned. She made it fun, engaging, and something that all the kids desired to do every day. I know to this: she has remembered and uses her Mandarin correctly due to her teacher. In fact, I really wish her teacher would move out to the Bay Area!

What was your overall impression of BASIS Independent?

KR: BASIS Independent has their hat on straight. They know what to do and how to teach it, but they don't stop at thinking about how to better the education and experience for child or parent. In fact, they look to better the experience as a teacher experience, as well, so that their teachers learn from each other and from the children who they teach. If you look at the Senior Projects the students are presenting in 12th grade, you will see that who these students have become is not only a part of who we are as parents, but also what these teachers and administrators have offered to them in their academic journey. I urge you to look at the 12th grade presentations online at the Arizona school. It is not only amazing what they have done, but inspirational too!

Thank you to Krithika R. for sharing with us her experience as a BASIS Independent Parent!

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