BASIS Independent Fremont will launch its high school with grade 9 for the 2020–21 school year and add a new grade level each year until BASIS Independent Fremont is a full TK12 program.

“Our teachers, our students, and our families have created a thriving community where learning is loved and celebrated,” says Head of School Dr. Ashley Leyba. “The addition of our high school will continue our standards in academic excellence while uniquely preparing students to not only enter top colleges and universities, but also excel in these environments and beyond.”

We are excited to open the doors to the High School Program next fall, as well as the opportunities that await both our eager students and dedicated Subject Expert Teachers.

Here are six things you should know about our High School Program.

The founding freshman class will set the stage
“The most exciting things about being a part of the first freshman class is students will establish all the traditions and place their mark on this program for years to come. They get to be the ones to pave the way,” Dr. Leyba expressed. “For our parents, they can rest assured this is a tested program and curriculum. We know what we do works.”

BFRE High School ProgramThe first inaugural freshman class will share a unique experience together as they work towards graduation. This will be an exciting journey that has been shared by several other inaugural freshman classes across the BASIS Independent School community. BASIS Independent Schools currently has three campuses with high schools, including sister campus BASIS Independent Silicon Valley, home of the Bobcats, which will have its fifth graduating class this upcoming spring. Students have achieved extraordinary results, surely a sign of what’s ahead for BASIS Independent Fremont high school students!

Students will build subject mastery through the acclaimed BASIS Curriculum
The BASIS Independent High School Program provides students with a global best practices approach to education. It offers a spiraling liberal arts and sciences curriculum with STEM offerings, and is benchmarked to the best education systems in the world. The High School Program is intentionally designed to build subject mastery across disciplines, which empowers the future lives and careers of our students.

Honors is the minimum course level offered in the High School Program, with a large percentage of courses taken at the Advanced Placement® (AP) level. After demonstration of mastery in AP survey courses in English, humanities, math, science, and world language, as well as fulfilling their required minimum of six AP exams, BASIS Independent high school students further develop their ability to think independently and creatively in post-AP capstone courses and independent research projects.

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BFRE Science LabSubject Expert Teachers will instill passion and raise student potential  
Ask any BASIS Independent Fremont student who their favorite teacher is and they won't be able to identify just one! Students in our high school will continue to learn from educators who are subject experts in their field, many of whom  have a master’s degree or even a PhD in their discipline.

High school years are always full, busy, and quite exhilarating, but even more so for BASIS Independent students as they are achieving substantially more compared to peers their age. We strive to support and encourage them in every way possible," says BASIS Independent Fremont Math Teacher, Ms. Mariam Abodouma. "I look forward to supporting them not only in the subjects that I teach, but also in their navigation through the BASIS Curriculum and all its exciting offerings."

A key difference among our teachers is that they have a degree of autonomy in the classroom to bring the foundations of the BASIS Curriculum to life. This is why we attract top teacher talent to our program; they can bring their experience, passion, and ideas into the classroom to foster questions, creativity, and the application of what students are learning. 

Additionally, every teacher provides at least two hours a week for office hours to support students along their educational paths. 

The senior year at BASIS Independent Schools is like no other
“We don’t stop with APs, that’s just the beginning for our high school students. They can take capstones and other courses after AP classes to further their knowledge of different subjects," says Dr. Leyba, "Our students typically want more content and challenge, and we are happy that our curriculum provides them these opportunities. Because we hire so many teachers with advanced degrees, they have the ability to push our students further academically; it’s rewarding to see the transformation students make by the time they become a senior.”

We treat the senior year as a bridge year between high school and college. It is an opportunity for students to focus on college counseling, participate in college-themed topics and discussions called capstone classes, and spend their last trimester fully dedicated to internships or research projects through their Senior Project.

  • College Counseling (2 Trimesters): This course will help students to research colleges, work on college and scholarship applications, manage and organize college-related correspondence, write essays, and conduct mock interviews to develop interview skills. In addition, each student will meet individually with their college counselor during class time. This course is designed to help students apply to colleges, work with College Admission representatives through visits at BASIS Independent and plan Senior Research Projects. See college placement results of sister high school BASIS Independent Silicon Valley.
  • Capstones Courses (2 Trimesters): Capstone courses transition students from student-centered learning to independent learning by delving deeply into advanced material, roughly equivalent to upper-level college courses. Students will take four capstones across disciplines. Our sister campus, BASIS Independent Silicon Valley, has offered a variety of capstones, including Corporate Finance, Differential Equations, Biology of Cancer, Data Analytics, and Colonial and Post-Colonial Studies, just to name a few.
  • Senior Project (1 Trimester): The last trimester culminates with the Senior Project, which is a three-month, off-site project proposed and constructed by the students under the guidance of both an internal faculty adviser and an external, professional specialist in the field of the student’s choosing. It gives students the opportunity to apply their academic content knowledge in a professional or research setting, and to demonstrate individual accountability and a facility with problem solving; turning knowledge into skill.

“The Senior Project is an opportunity for seniors to immerse themselves in a variety of fields and gain a great deal of independence through their experience. In our approach, we invest a great deal in preparing students for college and beyond," says Dr. Leyba. "The Senior Project is fundamental in readying students for the next step in their academic journey.”

BFRE ExtracurricularsStudents not only work hard, but also play hard!
The campus currently provides students nearly 40 clubs and sports. As the High School Program grows, our offerings will increase. BASIS Independent Fremont Auxiliary Coordinator, Mr. Andrew Hinkel-Lipsker, or as we like to call him, Coach Andy, says “We do whatever it takes to give students the extracurriculars that they want to do. It is a community effort. Our interest from the students is that they want something competitive and meaningful and we deliver on this every year.”

Speech & Debate and Cross Country are just a couple of examples of activities popular amongst current middle school students. This year, students will participate in athletics, including boys and girls basketball, soccer, and co-ed flag football.

What’s next? Coach Andy is steadily preparing for a variety of club and athletic options for our high school students. Stay tuned for the 2020 enrichment fair next September!

We are now accepting applications for our High School Program
BASIS Independent Fremont is now accepting applications for fall 2020. To learn more about the admissions process or submit an application, please click here.

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